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3 important tips to improve family relationships

By Prisha Devaraj / 20 January 2022

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Family is love, love is family. Source: Unsplash

  • Good family relationships can mend a soul in the right way.
  • Here are 3 tips on how you can improve family relationships.

Blood is thicker than water, they said. Oh well, as cliche as it sounds, get over it, you know family always comes first, right? Let there be arguments, misunderstandings, fights, or even cold wars between family members, but we all happen to patch things up miraculously at the end of the day. 

And that’s the power of a strong family bond. Things may not be in everyone’s favour at times, you know. Some families are in constant chaos and lost in the sea of troubles. It’s sad, but it’s the unfortunate truth!

Matters can always be solved with a little help from the extra effort put into it, especially family issues. Family relationships are vital to promise a person to grow up receiving essential love from the individual’s closest to them. And if you are going through a hard time sustaining a healthy relationship in your family, here are some tips on how you can mend it before it gets overboard.

1/ Communicate

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Having heart-to-heart conversations help in improving relationships. Source: The Midcounty Post

Communication is key to keeping a relationship sailing smoothly. If you choose not to talk about things thoroughly or at least mention something that is bothering you within the family, you will never get to resolve issues maturely! Words are such powerful tools, they can either break or heal a family.

Communication includes every aspect you can think of, from updating yourself to even talking things through regarding a specific issue. Any topic involving verbal communication between you and your family members tends to strengthen the bond.

You are not cornered to a position where you have to talk about everything to your family; you can choose to have the necessary filters on them. Just bear in mind that communicating openly will result in better understanding and collective solutions. 

As much as verbal communication plays an important role to better the family relationship, at all costs, be mindful of your facial expressions, body language and also tone of your voice! Small things like these can rewrite fate at times.

2/ Apologize When Needed

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Forgiveness heals a soul that is hurting. Source: The Japan Times

There are three words, eight letters, and one liberating meaning – ‘I am sorry.’ Apologizing for your wrong deeds can certainly bring the family together. For some, it is still foreign to openly admit to their mistakes and acknowledge their defeat in matters. Are you even aware that the conception of categorizing apologies as an awkward thing to do is ruining families out there?

Saying you are sorry to ease tensions between the family members shows that you are a noble person that takes responsibility for your actions! Acknowledging your faults and seeking forgiveness shows great strength of humility. And it is something that should be practiced from a young age. Practice makes perfect, you know!

So, get your bums up and apologize to your family members for whatever you have done and set yourself from the trap of guilt! Watch it heal the family relationship silently. All you gotta say is the magic word; Sorry. 

3/ Family Time 

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Spend sufficient time with the family to maintain a strong bond with each other. Source: All Pro Dad

It is a hectic world we live in now, but let that not be an excuse to deteriorate your family relationships. Normalize doing things as a family. Carry out fun activities that could allow all of your family members to participate in it. 

Go for a hike, go for a picnic, a long night ride or even just have your dinners together. There is no limitation to the number of possible activities every individual can do as a family. It is never about the money; instead, it is always about the quality time you get to spend together.

Family time improves the family relationship tremendously as it becomes a medium for the family members to be in the presence of each other more often than usual. Use the opportunities to refine the emotional connections between each other. Make every moment that you spend with your family members count!

Love Heals

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A happy family is one to cherish forever. Source: Unsplash

Love is superior! Hence, love your family as much as you can because anything can happen anytime. The future is unpredictable, and live your present wisely and surround yourself with your loving family members! 

It’s time to let go of the materialistic world that you indulge in. Perhaps, focus on your family and grow older with thousands of memories that you can cherish in the future. The darkest of days may become the lightest of your worry when you have a strong family to guide you through life. “Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. It’s about family.” – Walt Disney


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