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4 Ideas on how to make small rooms seem fine

By Kumaraguru / 21 January 2022

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It’s all about how to manage the space well. Source: Square Inch Home

  • Having troubles deciding on how to design small rooms?
  • Here are 4 ideas on how to make small spaces less cramped up in your home.

Isn’t it funny how The Genie was trapped in a lamp for 10,000 years, and he still complained about nothing? It seems like he is an expert in arranging his furniture well to me. Space is an essential element in interior design. If you can’t utilize the space well, then there’s a fat chance that your aesthetic is going to be portrayed well.

Interiors in small spaces at home that are not planned well can be viewed as a direct invasion for claustrophobia. Now, struggling to chill in your own home is the last thing you want to be facing on a daily basis. Choose peace, not problems. All verdicts aside, ask yourself one specific question: Is my interior for small rooms pleasing to the eyes? If subconsciously you know that it’s a no, well hello there! Let me brief you with some ideas on choosing and arranging your furniture in a small room wisely!


1/ Less Furniture

Less Pokok.Asia

Choose small furniture to have more space in the room. Source: Unsplash

I repeat, don’t purchase big furniture when you only have a small space to play around with! Luck isn’t going to favour your side when you don’t consider matters practically. Getting smaller furniture with the same functions as the large ones is good too. Bear in mind that when you have a limited space to work with, choose the simplest yet aesthetic designs. Simplicity makes a room seem larger than it is.

Bigger furniture in a tight surrounding tends to limit your creativity in utilizing the remaining space. Turning a blind eye to the restrictions you face and willingly cramping big furniture will never end well. Instead, get furniture of smaller scales; even better, get multipurpose furniture that can help you kill more than two birds in one stone sounds great too. Let there be good ventilation in a room so that the space seems more relaxing even with small furniture being placed at every corner. Conquer the corners to extract as much free space as you can. Who said only big furniture could provide elegance? The smaller ones are as compatible as they give light to a space.  


2/ Storage Bed

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The best optional bed for a small room. Source: Dania Furniture

Normally, the space under the bed is unused or oppositely, cramped with things. Either way, it is unacceptable when you are dealing with small spaces. Here’s one for you, get a storage bed and let the magic begin!

This is an excellent way to save space in an already-space-limited room. Choosing a storage bed can be tricky, but remember always to get one that has a smooth, light opening mechanism. You don’t want to be working out every time you lift the bed up to get your belongings.

Apart from that, having a storage bed placed in the perfect corner of a bedroom helps you organize the rest of the room accordingly.  Get the appropriate size and start arranging your things strategically. 

If a storage bed with an ottoman lift seems over the budget for you, then look for the ones with drawers instead. The functionality applies the same for both of them at the end of the day. I mean, saving space while keeping your bedroom neat sounds like a plan to me!


3/ Add In Mirrors

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Mirror mirror on the wall, make the room seem bigger than them all.  Source: The Spruce

Recite after me, “We thank you, Justus von Liebig, for inventing the mirror.” Mirrors have so many functions that one of them is that they can help in designing small spaces. You can always use mirrors for decorative purposes while incorporating them into an interior design to make a room seem bigger.

It’s all about optical illusion, my friend. Add in mirrors in a small room and let the art of reflection do the work. When light is reflected sufficiently, it invites a brighter feel to the small space. When space gets bright, in time, it appears to be big. Trippy, isn’t it? Hence, place mirrors of any size on the walls in any room and watch the space grow bigger. Of course, paint the room white for a better outcome. 


4/ Go For Light Colours 

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The brighter the room is, the bigger it appears to be. Source: NBC News

You know what, just paint the walls white and your problems are solved! Lighter and cooler colours tend to make a small room look larger. Whereas the darker the walls get, the more narrowed the room feels. In certain cases, the colours you choose can also make a room seem taller. Don’t believe it? Try painting your ceilings white, and observe the change first hand.  

It is not only that white works wonders; any other pastel and light colours result in the same effects.  All you have to do is pick the right colour, trick your eyes and get the home decorations done. In addition to that, the choice of colours for your furniture should also have a touch of ‘lightness’ to it to balance out the space equally. Preferably aim at clean lines and solid colours! Tame down the emphasis to one specific thing rather than having extravagant or colourful designs that would make the eyes go crazy. 

When it is simple, it becomes less chaotic. Hope that the ideas mentioned above can come in handy for you! Stop stressing over the size of the space and start putting effort into bringing the best out of it. Be creative and innovative. Be the wow in the small space. Also, leave your comments below if you have any other suggestions on decorating a small room well. 

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