The Three Therapeutic Benefits of Furry and Scaly Companionship

By Jimmy / 16 February 2024


petsPets match different personalities: comfort in all forms. Photo Source: Bechewy

  • Pets have a profound impact on spaces, creating positive and calming environments, filling homes with joy and love. 

Pets have always seemed to find their purpose in life, from making us fall in love with them to bringing a sense of comfort to our lives. 

How many of us have heard, “Pets are just animals,” with little thought or regard for the importance that they hold in our lives? 

Many people with this perspective have never owned a pet and are simply gravitating further away from the truth. 

Have you ever realised how warm a home is when a pet is around or how connected and united a family becomes? Let’s not forget the cheers, laughter, and memories they leave behind 

Now, let’s redirect our focus to those staying alone. After a long day of socialising, you are reminded of how alone you are at home, and no one is there to listen to you!

The companionship you get from a pet runs deeper than any kind of relationship. You feel a connection, a closeness, a best friend taken up in different forms, and a beautiful bond that will endure to the ends of time.


1/ Unconditional Love 

pets Pokok.AsiaNothing like receiving love in a different form. Photo Source: Sheknows 

If there’s one thing you should know about animals, it is that they don’t ask for much but a healthy environment that is warm, safe, and packed with all the adequate food. 

And just like that, they give you unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship!

The connection that grows between humans and their pets is a bond that can never be bought or replaced. They are always by your side, always ready to comfort you and take the form of a best friend. 

Who doesn’t want a cute furry or even scaly friend patiently waiting for you to come back home and give you undivided attention? 

As someone who has a cat, trust me when I say, I haven’t felt any loneliness in the last 6 months.

Love is healing!

Not many people can avail themselves to understand how you feel but pets will gauge your emotional state and be a safe haven. 


2/ Good for Health 

pets Pokok.AsiaThe cuteness of mini cows spreading joy, and happiness. Photo Source: CN

With stress being one of the many issues we face in today’s age, I don’t want to bore you with what is scientifically proven, so I will keep it short. 

As they say, “One apple a day keeps the doctor away.” In this case, stroking an animal a day can reduce stress. Doing this for 15 minutes triggers the release of “feel good” hormones. oxytocin, prolactin and serotonin. 

Too factual? I know but being health conscious has become a priority, and if there are ways to mitigate that, I am here to help as best as I can!

Coming from a family that has high blood pressure, trust me when I say that pets have helped lower it. 

It does not have to be specifically a cat or dog; whatever brings comfort, peace, and ease into your life. Fitted for your personality. 

Some of us struggle with consistency, others with daily basic needs, and knowing that you’re taking care of an animal reminds you of how you would want your vessel taken care of.  

Trust me when I say that a pet is a healer,  just as they say laughter is the best medicine. 


3/ Emotional Support 

pets Pokok.AsiaExperience the healing an animal can bring for emotional stability. Photo Source: Guineadad

Ever felt like your problems were bigger than you and the people around you? I wonder if anyone could solve what you’re going through, and even if someone can,, will they always be around to help you get through them? 

I find comfort in understanding that having a pet at home always feels like having a best friend who will never leave your side, constantly there to listen even when it doesn’t make sense.

As you pet them, you gradually begin to feel an instant change in your mood-it lightens up and a calm surrounds you.  

The power they hold!

On unrecognisable days with no emotions in sight , they feed off your energy and sense discomfort. They know what to do in moments like this, they give you purpose and reason to get out of bed. 

Unknowingly, they have a special talent where they have you tackling your problems head-on, dealing with them in the healthiest way. 

You begin to notice a shift in your imbalance, your heart, mind, and soul begin to reconnect and work together. A moment of DIVINE!


The Importance of Pets 

Pets serve as a valuable addition to any home, bringing both intrinsic value and contributing to personal development. Whether furry or scaly, a best friend in the form of a pet injects excitement, uplifts your spirits, and infuses vibrant colours into your life.

Beyond mere companionship, animals play a vital role in fostering closeness and reconciliations, possessing a magical ability to expand the human heart and transform a house into a home that embodies unity.

As a pet owner to a beautiful cat named Aura, I can testify to the healing she has done in my life. Look, the last 4 months of 2023 were not the best because my mom was going through the most painful period she has ever had to go through.

A brain tumour! Which really took a toll on my family and I but when I tell you the love and comfort Aura gave me throughout that time gave me so much hope and peace. I am reminded that a pet’s love is not the same and they can truly become your best friend.  She was there and never left, countlessly brightening up my days.  


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