List of Shows That Are Actually Beneficial For Little Ones

By Yuena / 15 February 2024


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“My mom said I can play Roblox on your phone” – that annoying kid. Photo Source: Freepik
  • List of kids shows on YouTube that are actually good for kids.

“Can I watch YouTube on your phone?”

This question can be a cause for worry, particularly for parents who want to protect their kids from excessive screen time. Sometimes, it feels like the only options are either giving in to their gadget desires or coping with an epic meltdown from a very unhappy kiddo.

We are well aware that gadgets have become a reliable tool for entertaining or pacifying children while we tend to our own tasks and obligations. However, have you ever considered the type of content they might stumble upon online?

As someone who grew up with more younger cousins than adults around me, I can vouch for the bizarre and often noneducational content that kids watch today. Go ahead, take a moment and look up “Siren Head” on YouTube – that’s one of the peculiar things my cousin loves to watch.

Dear parents, it’s essential to understand that there’s no harm in allowing your children to use these devices. However, our responsibility lies in making sure they engage with content that bolsters their development and delivers educational value.

Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of kids shows catering to this requirement! These channels provide educational content in a captivating manner, allowing your child to learn and stay entertained simultaneously. Here are some excellent examples of such channels!

1/ Ms Rachel, Songs for Littles

kids shows Pokok.Asia
“Let’s pretend your hands are potatoes!” – Ms Rachel. Photo Source: The List

Ms. Rachel, a former preschool teacher and mother from New York, has become a YouTube sensation for toddlers with her channel, Songs for Littles

This unique channel not only entertains but also helps little ones develop their speech and language skills through catchy songs and music. From learning animal names and colours to imitating animal sounds, toddlers are captivated by Ms. Rachel’s engaging teaching methods.

What makes this channel truly special is Ms. Rachel’s interactive approach. She utilises close-up shots of her mouth, creates pauses for responses, and incorporates sign language and body movements to encourage speech and language development.

Numerous TikTok videos showcase toddlers eagerly interacting with Ms. Rachel’s content, with many progressively learning to speak as they mimic her actions. It’s evident that children are genuinely delighted whenever they see her cheerful face!

Actually, Ms.Rachel kinda reminds me of Hi-5 with the vibrant colours in all of the videos. I used to be obsessed with watching the show. Any 2000’s baby can relate to me?


2/ Sesame Street

kids shows Pokok.Asia“Om Nom Nom Nom” — Cookie Monster. Photo Source: Parents

Classic Sesame Street is a fantastic show for your little one to watch, with countless testimonials of how it boosts their learning abilities. The show features unforgettable Muppet pals like Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and many more who interact with both humans and fellow Muppets. These adorable characters help kids understand emotions, tackle problems, and improve social interactions.

Sesame Street was a game-changer in kids’ television by blending fun entertainment with educational content. Based on research, the program uses captivating storytelling, catchy tunes, and lovable characters to teach essential academic and life skills. From reading and math to social behaviour, emotional intelligence, cultural diversity, and problem-solving – this show has it covered!

But that’s not all! Sesame Street also bravely tackles significant social issues and challenges affecting children and families. They discuss topics such as homelessness, autism awareness, diversity, respect, grief, and environmental concerns – all using child-friendly approaches to instil understanding and empathy.

Here’s a fun tidbit: In the early 1970s, educators designed Sesame Street as a supplement for families without access to high-quality education. How cool is that?


3/ Blue’s Clues And You

kids shows Pokok.Asia“Blue’s Clues, Blue’s Clues~” Photo Source: Complex

Ah, another beloved childhood favourite of mine! “Blue’s Clues,” a show that was first released over 20 years ago, got a reboot a few years ago with a brand new series called “Blue’s Clues & You.” Tracie Paige Johnson returns to lend her voice to the adorable blue pup, while Joshua Dela Cruz joins as the new host, Josh, who continues Steve’s mission of hunting for clues alongside Blue.

“Blue’s Clues” completely transformed the world of preschool television. Each episode incorporated research and focused on developing problem-solving skills and active audience participation in a way that no other children’s program had done before.

Steve (now Josh) and Blue teach children how to approach challenging problems, like deciphering their dog’s thoughts, by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable parts. By finding clues and drawing them in a notebook, kids learned to solve little problems, which eventually led them to solve the bigger ones too.

Unlike “Sesame Street,” which presented bite-sized segments to accommodate short attention spans, “Blue’s Clues” offered a narrative-like experience, similar to reading a book. Each story had a beginning, middle, and end, with various problems to solve along the way. The show trusted kids to remember the beginning as they journeyed towards the end.


4/ Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood

kids shows Pokok.Asia“If you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath…and count to four.” Photo Source: Vanity Fair

Ever since Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood made its debut on PBS, it’s been an absolute favourite among kids and their parents! Starring the adorable 4-year-old Daniel Tiger, the show brings little viewers into his life, offering a unique glimpse into a child’s world.

Our little buddy Daniel makes sure to teach children all about empathy, friendship, and emotions, but in a way that’s super easy for them to get. Each episode features two different stories that revolve around a central theme, letting kids explore those themes in various scenarios. Plus the irresistibly catchy tunes and phrases that make it a breeze to remember!

Children who watched Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood showed higher levels of empathy, better emotion recognition skills, and improved confidence in social situations compared to those who only watched nature shows. 

Not only did their empathy levels increase, but their ability to recognise emotions also improved, which has positive implications for academic competence, social adjustment, and overall achievement.

Let Your Children Watch

Not all online content is harmful. When your kids are feeling bored and just want to chill out by watching YouTube videos, you have some options to offer. There are channels that you can allow your kids to watch without any guilt. As long as you stay involved and engaged in your kids’ online experiences, there is nothing to fear. In fact, these videos can be valuable learning experiences for your little ones. 

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