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4 Organic Insect Repellants You Need To Try.

By Demie Makamache / 6 November 2021
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Natural ways to deal with some pesky guests. Source: Cockroach Facts


Imagine this; you have friends coming over or, even better, colleagues from work. Because you know better, you spend hours cleaning the whole house, from top to bottom. The house could never be cleaner; it smells incredible, and the food you just cooked, delicious! 

Everything is going exactly as you planned. With soft ambient music playing, your guests are having a wonderful time. They keep complimenting your home, and this is possibly the best day of your life. Then, just like the devil it is, a flying cockroach lands on top of the salad! Right in front of everyone! 

Such a buzz-killer because now your guests are wondering if you are secretly harbouring cockroaches and who knows what else. 

If this has ever happened to you, we would like to share our deepest condolences. There are no words that can fully encompass the embarrassment that comes from suddenly having unwanted guests raining on your parade. We want them far, far away from our homes, from ants, flies, mosquitoes, to even rats. 

We have listed down natural insect repellants for everyday use that are effective, cheap and, above all, chemical-free. Do not let bugs steal your shine; here is what you should do:

  • Vinegar 


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This simple recipe will leave your home ant-free! Source: HGTV


In the name of all things vinegar, no pest shall infest your home ever again! One of the things that we love about vinegar is how versatile it is; for example, want to pickle your cucumbers? Sure, use vinegar, want a disinfectant, try vinegar, wish to keep ants far away from your home, you should definitely try vinegar! The one-stop liquid for all things home!

Vinegar has properties that act as natural deterrents for ants. All you need to do is combine one-half parts of apple cider vinegar (regular vinegar should work too) to half a bottle of water in a spray bottle. Spray around the perimeter of your home, particularly the problematic areas. 

It is a very effective method to keep the ants away; however, you will have to repeat the procedure every now and then as the solution will wear off with time. 

  • Cayenne Pepper


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Fun fact: Ants don’t like spicy, so make sure you sprinkle cayenne pepper in your pantry. Source: Homestratosphere


It is not just for seasoning! It can be used as an alternative for vinegar, especially in places with sugary stuff, for example, pantries. If you sprinkle it in areas with crumbs, it will act as a deterrent for ants by telling them they won’t find what they are looking for here. Simply put, it will confuse their senses where the spicy tones of the pepper overpower the sweetness of the sugar, so they will steer away. 

However, if you decide to try this tip, do be careful, as it can get a little messy. So it would be best to use it in places that don’t get a lot of traffic, for example, cabinets. 

  • Essential oils 


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Peppermint oil has a gazillion, and one uses, and one of them is working as a repellent! Source: Dr Weil


Apart from relieving headaches, muscle aches and colds, peppermint oil repels spiders, beetles, aphids, fleas, flies, mice, moths…in fact, this oil should be recognised as a home’s best friend. You need to start stocking if you do not have this because peppermint oil is a literal lifesaver!

You can effectively use this oil in three ways: soaking cotton balls in the oil and placing them where insects gather or applying the oil directly to the affected areas. The third option is diluting 10 drops of essential oil with 16 ounces of water (roughly around 50ml) and spray away from your problems. 


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This mixture will have you smelling too good; it will scare the mosquitoes away! Source: Draxis Web.


Of all annoying insects to have ever existed, we vote that mosquitoes are the most irritating and no, we are not open for discussion; it has been decided. They will have you acting like a mad person slapping the air at 3 in the morning. The trauma from dealing with these pesky little creatures will have you hallucinating and hearing imaginary whining sounds. Not only that, but they also pass fatal diseases to you with just one bite. 

To keep mosquitoes far away from your precious blood, you should use lavender oil and eucalyptus oil. Not only will it help put mosquitoes at bay, these oils can also heal existing bites. Besides that, it smells incredible while also keeping you safe. 

We do recommend you consult your doctor before using any essential oil on your skin. It is highly concentrated and may cause serious allergic reactions to your skin and lungs. 

  • Coffee grounds


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Burned coffee grinds have a powerful scent that will act as a repellant—source: Medium.


As unlikely as it sounds, coffee grounds are pretty efficient in dealing with pests. Since many insects have a strong sense of smell, a scent as strong as coffee will repel them from coming closer to your home, and it works like a charm for bugs like bees, wasps and even mosquitoes. 

You have to burn dry grounds as you would with incense and place them in the affected areas. For a more potent repellant, you can add bay leaves to the fire and voila! A cheaper, organic, and safer repellant for your home! 




If you think about it, these unwanted guests do not pay any rent, and they also eat your food (or you), and yet you are the one who is constantly living in fear or shame. Talk of abuse! Take this as your chance to reclaim your home and your dignity by trying out these awesome pest repellents. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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