Do Pets Get Bored? Yes!

4 Ways to Kill Boredom For Your Fur Babies

By Frederick Chia / 4 March 2022

Bore Pokok.AsiaLet’s enrich the lives of our fur babies together. Source: American Lifestyle Mag

  • Turn your windows into live TV for your pets
  • Rotate their toys to keep them fresh
  • Make them work for their food
  • Get physical with your fur babies

Have you ever seen those viral videos of pets destroying their owner’s homes like a wrecking ball? Well, as hilarious as it seems, the fur babies were just bored at home and needed a way to release their boundless energy. While you are reading this, I am certain my cats are already planning to knock off my potted plant, again!

The truth is, our furry babies are no different from you and me. They are just looking for ways to kill their boredom. According to the Essendon Veterinary Clinic, signs of boredom in pets include over-eating, excessive grooming, getting into stuff they shouldn’t be doing and chewing on things other than toys. 

Finally, I can stop my fur babies from chewing on my phone cable. Don’t worry if these signs are apparent on your pets, because I’ve got you. Here are the four ways to get them out of boredom:

1/ Keep the curtains open

Bore Pokok.AsiaA live TV show? Sign me up! Source: Leighann Blackwood

The proverb, “curiosity killed the cat” doesn’t apply to cats only! Fur babies, and I mean dogs and cats, are naturally curious creatures, and they desire to know what is going on out there outside your house. Not much different from the average nosy neighbour, eh? 

One simple trick is to leave the curtains open so they can look out of the window and enjoy the view. Animal activity, such as a bird chirping, squirrels scurrying or neighbours jogging may sound mundane to you, but it is super exciting for them.

If you find that your fur babies enjoy the spot by the window, do add a cat climbing tree or a dog crate nearby to facilitate them. Trust me when I say that they will have a good time and that your money will be well invested (if you know what I mean).

2/ Rotate their toys

Bore Pokok.AsiaEverything looks new when they are constantly being rotated. Source: Beverly Hills Vet

Have you ever wondered why your fur babies look bored even though you have lavished them with so many toys? Most likely, they feel so because the toys are considered old to them. Well, that doesn’t mean you need to keep buying them more and more. 

One simple way to kill their boredom is by rotating their toys. Keep it for two to three days, then bring it out again. They will think it is new! Meantime, don’t you think this is a good time to clean the toys while they are being kept? By rotating the toys, you maintain excitement and, at the same time, build a strong bond between you and your pet. Win, win!

3/ Let them work for their food

Bore Pokok.AsiaFood always tastes better after a day’s worth of  hard work. Source: Whiskas

Fun fact: our pet cat and dog used to be among the best hunters out there in the wild. By default, they are active creatures and need to find an outlet to expend their energy. As a cat parent, now I understand why my cats still hunt when I provide them with their food. 

Hey, I feed them on time, alright! Now think about this. Instead of dispensing food to your pet and leaving them with a lot of downtimes, why don’t we organise a treasure hunt? It’s time we make them work for their meal. 

All you have to do is hide the treats in a room at different corners. Let them sniff about as they search for them. To motivate them, place the first treat in an easy-to-see area, so they know where to start. 

From here, escalate it into a full-blown treasure hunt that will get your bored looking pets bouncing up and down with excitement. I can already imagine how proud my fur babies are going to be when they find the treats.

4/ Provide plenty of affection

Bore Pokok.Asia It’s all about the touchy feely. Source: Artem Beliaikina

I know it is easier said than done, but the best way to kill their boredom is to provide lots of love and attention. Try to imagine life from their perspective. In the wild, dogs and cats usually have a social group for hunting, and they interact and bond with each other.

With us, they may spend the bulk of their time alone at home while we are at the office. Unfortunately, we are oftentimes exhausted when we return from work, leaving us with little time to spend with our fur babies. Oh, what a coincidence, because my fur babies are begging to be let on my lap right now!

Back to the topic, we as pet parents should participate in more physical games with our fur babies, such as cuddling. Bring them out for walks. Let them sleep with you. Wrestle with them…lightly. With all that attention, your furry friends will find little need to put their claws into your favourite cushion.

Try them out with your pets

Trust me when I tell you that our pets are not the professional home demolishers you think they were. As pet parents, we must be aware that our fur babies will develop behavioural problems when they get bored. Well, who doesn’t? Feel free to try these tricks with your loved ones (I mean your beloved animal companions), and find out what motivates them the most! 

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