Bring The Gym Into Your Home (Part 2)

More multifunctional equipments to be added into your home gym

By CS Ming / 31 May 2022

Bring the gym into your homeNo gym membership fees, no stalking man, no pressure from slim girls in tight yoga pants. Ahhh, the perks of a home gym. Source: georgiasown

  • Get a pair of dumbbells, dummies!
  • You don’t need space when the bars are above
  • All the goodness you can get from a wheel

So how is that home gym coming up so far? I know this is off-topic, but my three-legged cat Queen Elizabeth is severely overweight from a rich diet of salmon and ground beef.

I tried placing her on the treadmill to get her to start shedding those extra pounds, but the exercise has been futile. My friend advised me to show her some cartoons of Tom and Jerry to encourage her to be more active.

Anyway, we are back for more space-saving, action-packed adventure…in our very own home! If you missed our previous article on Bring The Gym Into Your Home (part 1), then allow me to reiterate that home gyms should be composed of small equipment that are capable of many different forms of exercises. 

After all, we wouldn’t want our living space to look cluttered, unless of course you live in a spacious mansion like Oprah Winfrey. Now that we have the yoga mat, skipping rope, kettlebell and the TV, what’s next?


1/ All gyms have dumbbells

Gym Pokok.AsiaOnly a dummy would workout without a dumbbell. Source: gearpatrol

Due to its usefulness, the ubiquitous dumbbells find its place in every gym on the planet. Simply said, a gym without a dumbbell is not a gym. Why is this so?

A pair of dumbbells can be used for over 100 types of exercises, hitting your biceps, triceps, arms, chest, glutes…everything! As we have lectured previously, the ideal equipment for your home gym should be small, easy to store and multifunctional. And the dumbbell does exactly that!

But hold up. We are not getting those dumbbells at the racks in the gym because these are non-adjustable. If you want it cheap, then get the simple ones where the weights can be added or taken out after removing the rings at the end of the metal rod.

If you want the premium version, then get the Bowflex or the NordicTrack Select-A-Weight dumbbells. With the Nordictrack, adjusting the weight setting is a simple two-step process that involves a slidable pull tab and a turn dial on the innermost weight plate. 

The pull tab adjusts in 10-pound weight increments, while the dial lets you fine-tune your weight preferences by 2.5 or 5 pounds. Super easy!


2/ Pull up bars for the win

Gym Pokok.AsiaDo you have faith in your weight? The moment of truth is now! Source: nytimes

If you are building a home gym, one of the equipment pieces you are probably looking to include is a door frame pull up bar. Since it sits above, not a single space will be taken up in your home, not forgetting that it does wonders in helping you train your upper body strength.

Simply place the plastic bar at the backside of the door moulding while the strength bar remains on the other side, and rest against the door moulding or wall. Pull down on the bar to test if it’s secure and start working out. Yes, it is that easy.

Just looking at the photo, you must be thinking if the pullup bars can wreck your doorframe, with all that weight focused on such a small point. Science time! Contrary to what many people think, the bulk of the weight hanging from the bar is not usually forced directly on the frame but the pads located on the sides of the bar.

When you pull the bar down, the sides of the bar take most of the pressure off the door frame. If your pull up bar is installed properly, your weight will be distributed evenly on the sides of the bar and will not break the door frame.

The only time such a tragedy can happen is when the frame is not in good shape or you are heavier than the frame itself. I guess that explains the cracks on the walls.

Need some quality pullup bars? Look no further than the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar and Portable Gym System.


3/ Don’t underestimate the miniature abs roller

Gym Pokok.AsiaThey see me rollin, they hatin! Source: breakthroughfitnessfl

Never judge a book by its cover. Just like the humble yoga mat and a skipping rope, the abs roller is but a wheel revolving on an axle. But just like the others, it’s simple build and size belies its massive benefits.

Just like the name suggests, the abs roller increases strength in your abs, arms, shoulders, upper back, lower backs, hips, thigh…I could go on forever. And they are super cheap too, some being made completely of plastic.

But how do we use this cute little wheelie? Start on both knees with the ab wheel just in front of your body on the floor. Tighten the core with arms fully extended and slowly roll the wheel forward until your body is parallel to the ground. 

Squeeze your core tight, without your back arching, and roll yourself back to the starting position and repeat. Sounds easy when I spell it out in words. Do a couple of reps and you will know what I mean by exertion. It’s hell I tell ya!


A matter of philosophy

All the essential equipment is in place at your home gym. Your motivation is high and constant exercise has made your ass tight, round and youthful.

But there is no one at home to see your personal achievement, perhaps your cat, which is largely indifferent towards your physical appearance. 

It just wants more food and regular petting. Doesn’t that make you feel lonely inside? Wouldn’t it be better if there was some guy out there who appreciates the way you look? Suddenly, life feels meaningless! Maybe it’s time for us to go back to the public gym. I wonder how much those equipment can sell on the second-hand market.


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