Bathroom Mood Board with Pink Hexagon Tiles

By Editor / 22 April 2022


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Another day another creative day. Fantastic! So here I am getting my creative juices flowing with this bathroom mood board with pink hexagon tiles as the main feature. Not everyone likes pink. Neither do I get nuts about it. But in this case, I tried combine both the masculine charcoal and romantic pink. Which in return creates quite an effective balance.

Bathroom Pokok.Asia

After all, color is not a major factor. The shape, form, and pattern unite the overall playful yet elegant look. In fact, the mix of different shapes of hexagon, square, circle, and rectangle can energize the room and make it more exciting.

This bathroom mood board with pink and charcoal combination would perfectly suit some who wants to create an alluring space. Down below you can check out the pieces used in this mood board and definitely buy them if you wish. I will update this blog post with the link to a full and final look of this bathroom in a couple of days! How exciting!

Bathroom Pokok.Asia

  1. Faye Wall light
  2. Laura Ashley Wicker Charcoal Floor Tiles
  3. Sorin Mirror
  4. Talara Hex Pink
  5. Trentie White Gloss Tile
  6. Monstera Deliciosa
  7. Snakeplant
  8. EUGAD 100@ Bamboo Under Sink Cabinet
  9. No Caller ID poster


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