5 Surprising Uses Of Bar Soap

Time to reveal this multipurpose hero...we meant the soap.

By Prisha Devaraj / 17 February 2022

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Time for some soapy action. Source: healthline

  • Bar soaps aren’t just a necessity in the shower but also an unknown priority to help resolve household problems.
  • Remember the key point here is to only use bar soap if you plan on using these 5 unknown hacks.

Just when you thought soap was used for bathing, we came up with this jaw-dropping topic, didn’t we? Classically bar soaps are used for our daily showers, and it is a much better purchase because here in POKOK, we are all about being eco-friendly.

However, what if we mind boggled you for a moment and say that you could make good use of leftover bar soaps for everyday house chore problems. Do not abandon them just yet because we are going to show you some amazing life hacks.

All you need to start is by simply choosing a soap with your favourite scent, or you could even slip in an extra few complimentary soaps that you can find in hotels. Keep reading because you are about to pick up some new tricks.


1/ Furniture assembly made easier

Soap Pokok.Asia

Work smart, not hard. Source: iStock

Assembling pieces of furniture can be such a daunting task that no one wants to do it due to the struggles of fixing screws in. Everyone has gone through that annoying stage where it almost seems impossible to fix an IKEA bookcase because fixing screws can be difficult and annoying.

Why add more problems into the situation when you could speed up the process by coating the threads of the screw with a little soap. Handymen usually use bar soaps in their workshops to leave a mark as a sawing guide, even in professional settings. They then proceed to use the bar soap to coat the teeth of the handsaw to make it easier for the saw to slip into the wood. 

Obviously, it wouldn’t feel like cutting into soft butter, but it will definitely quicken the process of sawing or screwing bits and pieces of your furniture. Keep in mind that it is better to work smart than hard at times.


2/ Hide an unwanted spot at home

Soap Pokok.Asia

Masking minor “potholes” on your wall. Source: iStock 

If you’re someone who loves hanging picture frames all over your home, we can guarantee you can find some unwanted holes around your wall. See now, this can be a whole new problem. No pun intended.

Having multiple visible nail holes can ruin the beauty of your wall, which is where our good old friend “bar soap” comes into the rescue. The trick is to use one that matches with your wall colour so that it is capable of covering up your mistake.

So if you have a white wall, do not use pink soap because it will end up looking like a patch of polka dots instead. Now that we have got the colour covered. Rub it over the hole to fill it in the meantime before calling your local handyman to patch it up. This hack is a temporary fixture, so do not think it is a permanent solution for your wall.


3/ Say goodbye to foggy mirrors

Soap Pokok.Asia

Adios foggy mirrors. Source: Tripadvisor

The best way to end the day after a dreadful day of meetings and school is taking a nice warm shower to rinse off all the stress. However, there is always one major flaw in the aftermath of showers. We all anticipate looking at freshly cleaned faces in the mirror and being a surprise! The mirror is so foggy you might have thought you had a bad vision for a second.

So say goodbye to your foggy mirror because the soap you just used for your shower could also help with your mirror problems. However, please use a separate soap for this and not the soap you folks used for your shower because of obvious reasons like hygiene and the soap is wet…duh.

Once your mirror is fully dry, rub a bar of soap over your glass. Do not add water, just proceed to rub off the access with a dry cloth and voila, the next time you hop into your shower, there is no more fog! This hack is definitely a lifesaver, as it works on different objects such as sunglasses and spectacles too.


4/ Pinpoint leaks with soap bubbles

Soap Pokok.Asia

Find out the cause of problems. Source: Material District

If any of you reading are eligible to drive, then you would know the constant battle in your head trying to figure out the hole that caused your tire to puncture. Well, do not beat yourself up with confusion because there is an easy alternative for this problem.

Start by damping your soap bar and rub it on areas that you are suspicious of. The soapy foam will create bubbles when the air from the tire escapes. This method is so simple yet effective. You can try this hack on kiddie pools as well. Now that you have found the source of your problem, you can go along and fix your tires, and all that hassle was saved just by using soap.


5/ Prevent paint splatters

Soap Pokok.Asia

No need to worry about your paint splattering anymore. Source: Extra Space

Painting our rooms is an annual change according to our personality. The colours we use are a reflection of our interests and likings. Hence as we get older, so will our personal style. While painting can be a fun task, it can also be overwhelming due to the splatter you may experience over the mirrors and windows.

Try rubbing a bar of soap onto the glass next to the rim. It is unlikely that you can paint your room without having any minor hiccups. However, if you do get any access paint on your glass, the soap will make the paint much easier to remove, and this method is far more practical than the traditional way of taping off your glass and windows. These are some of the miracles your bar of soap can do! If you struggle with any of the above, try these hacks out and let us know your opinion about it in the comment section below.


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