Eww, It’s Time To Clean Up!

Bad cleaning habits that are ruining your home.

By Prisha Devaraj / 28 December 2021

Clean Pokok.AsiaIt’s time to kill the bad guys…aka germs (Source: iStock)

  • Cleaning is a crucial part of life.
  • People tend to only clean what they see on the outside while neglecting things that are hidden.
  • In this article, we are going to show you some of the hidden gems you might have overlooked in cleaning.

Chores can be a dreadful task to look forward to, especially after an exhausting day of work. 

Most of us would much rather fulfil our time going on a hike or having brunch with a friend. However, some things are impossible to ignore, which applies to chores as well.

Plus, look on the bright side, you’ll end up with a home that is spotless and squeaky clean, right? Or is it just an illusion to the eye?

We often get tricked into thinking our homes are clean because we tend to only clean objects and surfaces that are visible to the naked eye. 

However, have we ever considered cleaning things that are often hidden? For example, the ventilators in air conditioners.

Although these appliances are not required to be sanitised daily, it is advisable to do it at least once every few weeks.

Some bad cleaning habits could even jeopardise your home without you realising it happening behind closed doors.

Keep reading as we unravel tips and tricks that could benefit your home.


Overlooking plumbing issues

Clean Pokok.AsiaClean on the outside but dirty in the inside (Source: iStock)

Keeping the sinks and pipes clean can be a constant battle due to its inconvenience in cleaning. 

Although the exterior may look shiny and waxed, the insides can look super nasty due to all the clumped up gunks and dust inside.

However, we can easily vouch for everyone that cleaning pipes can be a hassle that no one wants to partake in, but for the sake of your home, maybe it’s time to stop procrastinating on this chore. 

When pipes are not maintained well, you can usually hear small drips around your kitchen sink or even in your bathroom, which can often irritate you.

“It’s just a drip; how bad can it be? Well this phrase will take you whole sink into a dark turn of events if it’s not resolved.

Not to worry, because we have a simple solution for this, try cleaning your sinks and shower drains regularly to prevent hair and grease from clogging.

Make sure you keep an eye on your sinks as well. If you see anything sketchy like a delay in water flowing or issues with the pipes, immediately call your plumber to solve this issue.

Here’s an additional hack to deep clean the souls out of your sinks and drains. 

This mixture can clean your drains while deodorising it. All you need is a mixture of ½ cup of bicarb soda and ½ a cup of lemon juice.

This mixture will cut through deposits and grease in drains leaving your sinks looking brand new.

Click the video to watch a visual presentation of this tutorial to have a clearer demonstration of this hack.


Neglecting HVAC Air filters and vents

Clean Pokok.AsiaClean out those dust bunnies (Source: Tomsmechanical)

Cleaning air filters and vents from air conditioners can be pretty complicated. However, it’s not as hard as you may assume it is.

It’s important to keep these vents and filters clean because the dust bunnies that clog up the holes can damage the air ventilation of the air conditioner. 

The solution is simple even a baby could do it… not literally tho. All you need to do is vacuum the vents monthly and replace the filter. 

Another alternative would be to take out the filters and wash them and immediately leave them to dry before fixing it back. 

There is no need to soak the filters with soap because rinsing them with water alone would do the trick.

This chore wouldn’t even kill 20 minutes of your time. If anything, you’re gifted with improved air quality for yourself and your family and Malaysian weather, which is scorching hot most of the time; some of us may need this desperately.

However, we understand that some people may not be capable of climbing up a ladder to do this chore, especially if you’re an elderly citizen, which is why we would advise you folks to contact your HVAC specialist.They would take over with servicing your whole air conditioner. 

So, all you need to do is lay back and relax as you watch the magic happen.


Using wrong cleaning products

Clean Pokok.AsiaCleaning is beneficial when done correctly (Source: iStock)

Good job in keeping your home squeaky clean daily; however, did you know some of the products you use may be the wrong ones?

Detergents containing many harsh chemicals can strip off the protective barriers you initially thought you were cleaning.

Keep an eye on the list of chemicals used in your products. For example, if you use an acid-based cleaner or distilled white vinegar on your countertop, there is a possibility it could incise the stone.

There is no turning back once this happens; it is permanent once it’s damaged, unfortunately.  

If you fancy wooden floors, you might have the urge to keep them nice and shiny at all times.

However, using liquid or paste floor wax on wooden floors can actually leave them looking dull and dirty. If anything, you’re putting in so much effort cleaning just to have them looking dirty. 

And if visually displeasing is not enough, the wax can also damage the factory-applied sealant.

Clearly, this method is not worth the risk, which is why we advise all of you to stop this habit immediately before your floors turn crusty. 

The solution for this step is relatively simple. Pay attention to the label on every cleaning product that you purchase. 

Keep in mind different furniture have different requirements when cleaning. Some products may be helpful to wood furniture, but that doesn’t mean they will have the same effect on leather ones. 

This is why it is vital to learn the details of the manufacturer, and it’s always helpful to ask an expert’s opinion regarding products or steps in taking care of particular products.


Ignoring Annoying Beeps

Clean Pokok.AsiaDo not ignore beeping noises from alarms (Source: iStock)

Every electronic device in your home will eventually emit sounds such as beeps. These noises are often annoying, especially if they go off regularly.

However, we mistake these beeps as a common issue and ignore them, but in fact, it’s a sign for a battery change. 

Ignoring these beeps from smoke and carbon dioxide indicators can cause major problems. 

Isn’t it better to fix a simple battery than getting into a fire because even the smallest fires can easily cost thousands of dollars worth of damage that no one wants? 

Although it is tempting to ignore and procrastinate this chore, keep in mind that it’s better safe than sorry. Plus it would only take less than 10 minutes to swap batteries.

This may seem like a small issue, but we’ll never know what could happen because the future is unpredictable.


Focusing on chores indoors only

Clean Pokok.AsiaIndoors aren’t the only place you should be cleaning (Source: iStock)

Many people tend to shift their focus to indoor cleaning and leave it at that.

Outdoor cleaning is often ignored because a lot of people are busy working, or they might overlook them.

It’s important to always look out for dried leaves on your lawn so that you can take them from time to time instead of letting it pile up like a mountain.

Sometimes, during rainy seasons, leaves and mud can get clogged up in your drains leading to further damage to your homes. 

When the gutters start overflowing, it leads to moisture problems, pest issues, and sometimes even roof damage. If you realise your roof leaks, it is probably caused by internal damage due to negligence from outdoor cleaning.

The solution for this is to occasionally walk out from your home and make a list of chores that you would like to partake in for the week. 

This method would be much easier as you can keep track of your chore list, and it will automatically radiate productive vibes as writing down a checklist is organised and much less of a hassle.

We hope these tips were helpful and impactful to change your minds about cleaning habits you should avoid and obtain. If you have any suggestions, do comment down below.




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