Learn how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and grow your own produce.

By Luha / 3 November 2023

GreenAre you looking to start your own garden too? – Photo Source: livescience

  • Not sure about the steps you need to grow your own garden?
  • These four Singaporean Gardeners are sure to guide you to start your very own plant journey!

Gardening may appear to be a simple hobby, but it can be surprisingly challenging. The love, time, dedication and patience needed to grow your own garden is something to be applauded. Gardening does not stop as a hobby, it is a lifestyle for most who love their greenery.

With the proper guidance and references, you would be able to go over these hurdles more easily. Having a green thumb is a skill that is grown and tuned through trial and error, so don’t get scared if you aren’t where you want to be in your plant journey!

Learn from these four dedicated and environmentally conscious Singaporean gardeners, who all come from different and diverse backgrounds, and produce their own edible produce. You too can create your own sanctuary and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


1) Olivia Choong: @tendergardener 

Green Pokok.AsiaEmbrace nature and the greenery around you – Picture Source: matterprints

Olivia Choong has dedicated her Instagram page to gardening, permaculture, self-sufficiency and low impact living. With a keen eye on sustainability and eco-friendly living, Oliva has shared her love of gardening and nature on her page.

With her very own website at https://tendergardener.com/, she highlights the key steps beginners should take to start their own journey, a read through her advice would fill you with ideas on where to start. With her insight, you will know which materials are needed to get you off the ground and exactly where to get them.

A quick look at her Instagram would show you tips and tricks to improve your gardening journey as well as her very own process. As she is very active and engaged with her audience on Instagram, have no fear of dropping a comment on any questions as she will reply with her honest opinion!

Her passion for gardening and the wish for people to become more connected to nature, following her on Instagram would help both amateur and seasoned gardeners grow their own edible backyard of greens!

Green Pokok.AsiaOlivia Choong giving tips with alternative options – Picture Source: Instagram


2) Joanna Chuah: @wwedibles.sg

Green Pokok.AsiaChoose a more sustainable living by having a green thumb – Picture Source: homeanddecor

Joanna Chuah, a lawyer, part-time urban farmer, gardener, and founder of Weird & Wonderful Edibles, has been experimenting with growing organic edible plants in Singapore for six years. She cultivated nearly 100 varieties of vegetables using organic fertiliser made from food waste. With every post on her Instagram page showcasing the progress of her garden, you are bound to be struck with motivation.

Through her page on Instagram, we see the variety of edible plants that she grows, the updates and the growth of her garden. She grows edible flowers and herbs, including lemon myrtle, which thrives in Singapore’s sunny climate.

With Chuah sourcing seeds and cuttings from various farms and seed catalogues, she takes an empirical approach to her gardening methods. Creating a diverse set of crops to grow.

By keeping an eye on her page, you would know that even if you are a beginner at gardening, the effort put in is shared by all your greened-thumbed peers. 

As she advocates for sustainable living and for you to grow your own edible garden, following her on her journey on her page would benefit you greatly!

Green Pokok.AsiaJoanna Chuah tells her followers about her first trumpet squash in an update post – Picture Source: Instagram


3) Wilson: @wilsonthegardener

Green Pokok.AsiaFeel the embrace of the sunflower fields – Picture Source: instagram

Showcasing his knowledge of plantations and edible plants through his account, Wilson gives tips and explanations on what steps are needed to achieve similar results to his garden. As an Edible plant specialist, Food scientist, horticulturist, and Educator, he is determined to make sure all his followers are informed to take care of their plants.

From teaching his audience what it takes to grow certain plants, to the setup behind his self-watering plant boxes, he is sure to teach you how to better grow your plants and have an overall more efficient and enjoyable gardening experience

Take the leap to improve your garden in ways you wouldn’t have considered before, taking into account details you might have forgotten otherwise.

Open the door to be inspired to grow vegetation out of your comfort zone, look through his well-explained posts and expand your garden!

Green Pokok.AsiaAn innovative idea on how to have vertical plants shared on Wilson’s page – Picture Source: Instagram


4) Brian Thian: @briansgardenadventures

Green Pokok.AsiaHarvesting nature’s gifts can bring you joy – Picture Source: Instagram

Brian Thian’s Instagram page shows the adventure of the growth of his garden and the edible plants that he caters to on his plot. He knows that gardening advice for tropical weather may run thin, and he hopes to bridge that gap for his followers.

With experience as a speaker at the online Plant Clinic, giving tips on gardening and answering questions from the audience, Brian has a green thumb and he is ready to help his fellow eco-friendly peers!

Take a dive into his account, and read through the tips and tricks that he had utilised to better the health of his produce. Finding ways to grow your plants with the same steps that Brian had taken to improve your overall gardening experience.

Understand what your plants need to blossom while reading through his posts, grow your plants while watching as he updates on his garden, and get the motivation to keep going on your own green adventure.

Green Pokok.AsiaA full explanation on the steps Brian Thian had taken in the growth of his plants – Picture Source: Instagram


Find YOUR push!

Gardening may be intimidating for a beginner or you might find yourself in a position where you are not sure what to do with your plants. Watching others who are well-versed in gardening and are knowledgeable on how to take care of greenery would be a massive help on your plant journey.

Taking the time to understand and learn the steps to grow a healthy garden with edible plantations would allow your passion to bloom like never before! With the tips you learn from these Singaporean gardeners, you will be able to grow your own produce and lead a more sustainable lifestyle! 




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