Wanderlust Chronicles: Meet the Adventurers Redefining Travel on Instagram!

By Aina / 20 July 2023

influencer Indonesia You may not get your money back but you’ll never be young and healthy enough to travel around the world again. Photo Source: Facetune by Lightricks.


  • Join three adventurous souls from Indonesia on epic global escapades filled with jaw-dropping landscapes, hilarious travel moments, and tantalising culinary delights. Get ready to ignite your inner explorer and embark on your own passport-stamping adventures!


Enter the dazzling realm of social media, where platforms like Instagram have everyone scrambling to be the next big thing. Picture this: people desperately seeking fame, chasing after followers like squirrels chasing acorns. But amidst this virtual frenzy, one genre of content has captured hearts since the internet’s inception: travel. It’s the ultimate escape from the daily grind, where you can say “see ya later” to responsibilities and embrace the wanderlust within. 

Now, let’s join three adventurous influencers from Indonesia as they embark on epic global escapades. Get ready for jaw-dropping landscapes, encounters with fascinating cultures, and let’s not forget those hilariously awkward moments that only travel can serve up. From missed trains to questionable street food decisions, these stories have it all! 

So, fasten your seatbelt (or imaginary backpack strap) and prepare for an exhilarating journey. These travel tales will ignite your inner explorer, tickle your funny bone, and have you itching to create your very own passport-stamping adventures. Let’s dive in, fellow adventurer!


1/ Marischka Prudence / @marischkaprue


influencer Pokok.AsiaPerfect spot to enjoy the stunning sunset view. Photo source: Facebook


Meet Marischka Prudence, the ultimate adventurer who’s a part diving enthusiast and part travel aficionado. But here’s the twist: she’s also a filter magician! Her Instagram feed is like a visually delicious buffet, with perfectly matched filters that make you want to lick the screen (but please don’t). Seriously, her editing game is so on point, even Picasso would be jealous!

And let’s not forget her diving escapades. They’re not just stunning; they’re mind-blowingly awesome! With angles that could make Spider-Man envious and underwater shots that rival the pages of National Geographic, Marischka has mastered the art of capturing the ocean’s beauty. It’s like she’s on a secret mission to befriend every fish and coral reef out there.

So, get ready to dive into Marischka’s world of wanderlust and underwater wonders. But be warned: her photos may cause serious travel envy and a sudden urge to buy scuba gear. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


influencer Pokok.AsiaImagine swimming around in the ocean with a group of fish. Photo source: Facebook


2/ Made Dwi Aryana / @hidwii


influencer Pokok.AsiaThe mountains and the clouds, everything looks magnificent. Photo source: Instagram


Get ready for an extraordinary journey with Made Dwi Aryana, the master of photography and drone wizardry! With a wave of his camera like a magic wand, he transforms landscapes into jaw-dropping works of art. Mountains become majestic marvels, and hills turn into whimsical wonders that defy imagination. You can almost hear him shout, “Abracadabra, behold the awesomeness!”

But the real magic lies in Made’s boundless creativity. He’s a sorcerer of perspective, discovering beauty and wonder in the most unexpected places. That humble hill? Prepare to be amazed as Made reveals its incredible allure.

Get ready to be spellbound as Made Dwi Aryana takes us on an unforgettable visual adventure through Indonesia’s breathtaking landscapes. He’s like a generous magician, unlocking the secrets of nature’s grandeur and sharing them with the world. Get ready to have your socks knocked off, and your jaw dropped as the magic unfolds before your eyes!


3/ Melisa Hie / @girleatworld


influencer Pokok.AsiaAre you drooling yet? Photo source: Instagram


Hold on to your taste buds, folks, because we’re about to dive into the delectable world of Melisa, the ultimate travel and food connoisseur! This girl knows the best way to explore the world is by eating through it. Talk about a delicious adventure!

If you’re a fellow foodie, prepare to have your taste buds tantalised by Melisa’s mouthwatering Instagram feed. It’s a culinary masterpiece where every photo showcases a scrumptious dish as the star, with the backdrop of the incredible places she visits. It’s like she’s saying, “Hey, why settle for just a pretty view when you can have a plate of deliciousness alongside it?”


influencer Pokok.AsiaMacarons in Paris? Life goals. Photo source: Instagram


But here’s the icing on the cake: Melisa’s captions are as enticing as the food itself. She weaves a tale of flavours and destinations, giving you a virtual tour that leaves you salivating and craving more. It’s like she’s whispering, “Come on this gastronomic journey with me, and let me introduce you to the hidden gems of each place.”

And let’s not forget those of us who are still dreaming of globe-trotting adventures. Melisa’s account is a feast for the eyes and a source of inspiration for future food-filled escapades. It’s like a delicious window into the world that keeps our wanderlust alive.


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