Why should you pee on your plants?

5 Benefits your plants can receive by using urine as fertilizer.

By Prisha Devaraj / 1 December 2021


pee Pokok.AsiaNot every flush has to go down the drain, sometimes it can go directly to plants (Source:Wired)

  • Urine can be the best fertilizer your plants were ever fed.
  • It has several benefits to your plants to keep it healthy and strong.
  • Find out the best way to preserve your urine without flushing it down the toilet.
  • Become an environmentalist and a problem solver because our ecosystem needs it desperately. 

The phrase “Reduce, reuse and recycle” has been a repeated statement throughout the years in hopes of change in the environment for a blissful and healthier lifestyle. 

We’ve heard of people recycling bottles, plastics, papers, and cans but have you ever heard of people recycling their pee? 

Sounds nasty? Probably, but you would be surprised with the core benefits it can provide to your plants. 

Plus it is considered as free fertilizer as well. Ever since the pandemic dawned on us, everyone has been finding the best possible ways to save their money on things that could cost a fortune to them. 

Well, thankfully, we have the best tips to save your pockets from reducing the purchases of fertilizer. Keep scrolling as we reveal how your pee could make a difference on your peas.


1) Free fertilizer? I’m in!

pee Pokok.AsiaWho knew bodily waste was a blessing in disguise.(source via: iStock)

People have always been sceptical about using their urine as fertilizer because of hygiene concerns, while others worry it could damage their plants.

You know what people say, expect the unexpected because we’re here to save your pockets as we unlock the secret fertilizer that lies in the golden bowl at your very own home.

Scientific studies have shown that your urine is perfectly safe and very much effective as a fertilizer for your flowers, vegetables, and whatever else you’re planning to grow in your backyard.

Don’t believe us? Well, we can back that up with a bit of science. Urine boasts a nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (N-P-K) ratio of 10:14. 

The nutrients stored in your pee are an extra plus to your little green friends. Besides, if you’re a family of four or five, you can produce an equivalent of 45 kilograms worth of garden fertilizer every year! 

Talk about saving money, am I right? Instead of flushing down all that free fertilizer, save it for your plants.

2) Make your roots strong like Groot.

pee Pokok.Asia“It is in the roots, not the branches, that a tree’s greatest strength lies.”- Matshona Dhliwayo. (Source: Unsplash )

As mentioned earlier, urine contains high nitrogen levels, which is why it’s perfect for seedlings and leafy crops.

Urine is also rich in phosphorus which is the key nutrients plants need to flourish as well.

However, the low potassium content in your urine leaves flowers, fruits, and roots inadequate. 

Not to worry, because we have a “free” solution for it that will keep your roots looking like Groot. All you need to do is add wood ashes into your homemade urine fertilizer.

This results in sweeter fruits, and it bears twice as much too. If you’re a fan of beetroot, add wood ashes, and it will increase the size of your beetroot. 

The reason is, wood ashes actually contain a lot of calcium. Just like how humans need calcium for strong bones, plants need wood ashes for strong roots.

3) Keep an eye on salt.

pee Pokok.AsiaAn overload of salt can be a common enemy to all (Source: iStock)

Generally, no one likes an overload of salt in their food, and the same goes for plants as well.

Human urine usually contains high sodium levels due to the consumption of salt in people’s diets or there might be a low function of adrenal glands found in your kidneys.

It’s no secret that our urine contains high salt levels, which can develop in flower pots, containers, and sometimes in flower beds. The saying “You are what you eat” resembles well with the quality of urine you produce. The healthier the lifestyle, the better the quality of fertilizer you can produce for your little green babies. 

Since Malaysia is scorching hot at times, the soil can turn dry, resulting in harming plants. Plants tend to become dry and wilty since all the moisture from the soil has been sucked up.

Just like everything else, we have a solution for this as well. If you don’t want the salt buildup sucking the soul out of your plants, try watering them generously with tap water till you witness water running out from the bottom of the pot.

This will hold in enough moisture in the soil, leaving your plants looking healthy and strong.

4) Animal shield.

pee Pokok.AsiaIs your pee the real animal repellent from plants? (Source: NewHomeSource)

If you’ve spent time with your pets, you may realise animals love peeing on the soil as an indication of their territory to other animals.

Here’s a fun fact, did you know your dog’s pee could potentially harm your plants? Who knew those innocent creatures had such demonic pee. The reason being, dog urine is rich in urea which contains nitrogen compounds and alkaline salts, which are chemical waste products of the canine digestive system. 

Remember the next time you bring your pup for a walk, keep your dogs away from urinating on your prized possessions, which are your plants.

The smell of human urine can keep furry intruders such as cats and rabbits away from your garden due to the pungent morning smell. 

Unfortunately, people have not put this method to the test yet, but it couldn’t hurt to try, right? 

Look on the bright side; if this method works, your garden will not only have healthy plants blooming but fewer paw prints intruding as well. It’s basically like killing two birds with one stone.

5) Reduced fungus.

pee Pokok.AsiaLeaves that are wilting due to fungi (Source: iStock)

Taking care of plants is a full-time job. It’s kinda like taking care of your own baby. Sometimes plants can develop fungal diseases like rotting leaves and mildew.

Urine also contains uric acid that is an excellent source for eliminating fungi from your plants. Uric acid is an important component for plants because it contains essential nitrogen compounds that help with the growth of plants from their seedling stage. However, You will need to dilute it about 50% and transfer it into a recycled spray bottle, and spurt that fungi repellent.


Preserving urine

Now that we’ve covered the benefits your plants can receive, let’s talk about how you can preserve your urine before fertilizing them. 

Don’t worry; you guys do not have to pee on them because there are better ways to preserve them. Keep in mind, the key to quality pee fertilizer is to separate it from your other bodily wastes to maintain its sterility.

A good example would be to excrete in a bucket or invest in a toilet used for excretion only. Here’s a fun fact. The older your pee, the better fertilizer it makes. The smell of ammonia from urine is a sign that it’s filled with nutritional benefits.

Remember how we mentioned earlier that urine contains a high volume of salt? You can always dilute it as well. 

If you’re planning to water tender plants and seedlings, try diluting your urine at a ratio of 10:1 and up to 50:1 before watering them.


Is it worth it?

We understand that preserving urine can be time-consuming but trust us when telling you it’s worth it. If we don’t think of better ways to preserve and protect this planet, then who will? 

Fortunately, this method of using urine as fertilizer has been done before. The minister of road transport and highways of India, Nitin Gadkari, shared his experience of using pee as fertilizer. We must say he is a fan of doing it. 

Nitin Gadkari is a passionate environmentalist, which is why he knew this unusual way of fertilizing plants could be a good experiment.

Life is about experimenting with new things. Isn’t it better to experiment with things that bring solutions instead of problems?

pee Pokok.AsiaThe minister of road transports, Nitin Gadkari (Source: Catchnews)

Nitin Gadkari loved the results once he started using his own fertilizer. He quoted. “I collected urine in a 50 litre can and proceeded to water some plants with it. There was such a big difference.” He also continued, “It grew much bigger than my other plants.” 

He was astonished by the results and encouraged the citizens of India to try it as well. Witnessing change can take a while, but the act of one person making a difference could influence as many people as you think. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get a bucket and start recycling your pee!

Feel free to comment down below your experiences using pee as fertilizer and if this is your first time reading about the benefits, let us know what difference urine makes in your backyard!


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