What’s Your Plant Persona?

Plant symbolism guide

By Demie Makamache / 27 July 2022

What’s Your Plant PersonaWhich plant matches your personality? Source: Pennington.com.

  • Ever wondered which plant matches your personality best?
  • Plant symbolism has been used for aeons at a time to convey thoughts, emotions and ideas.
  • Here is how you can make your gifts or decorative greens hold more meaning in life. 

Have you ever wondered how red roses came to be the most romantic of all flowers and most passionate declaration of love while the lily became the symbol of peace and sympathy? Or perhaps as you brought home new plants, were you ever curious about their meaning and the energy they bring into your home?

One of the more profound things I have learned through caring for my babies is discovering distinctive elements in each of them. I have slowly come to understand the needs of my sensitive plants, stared in awe at the resilience of the hardy ones and, of course, tuned to the demands of my feisty friends. 

And through these discoveries, I realised how similar we are to them. Like them, we come in varying shades and species and yet fall under the same branch, all deserving of love, care, and appreciation. Through these quiet times of reflection, a question popped inside my head, and I thought, well, if I were to be a plant, which one would best match my personality?

Plant symbolism uncovers deeper meanings of them, and not only will you become a pro at picking gifts, but your special greens will also serve as a reminder of the values you uphold. Care to find out more? Read on, folks!


Air plant 

Plant Pokok.AsiaAir Plants (Tillandsia). Source: All about gardening.

  • Symbolise freedom and creativity 
  • Perfect fit for people who are not afraid of change

They may be small, but one should never underestimate them. Just as the name implies, air plants do not need soil to grow, so they are typically associated with freedom. They are also easy to take care of and are perfect for people with small spaces. Because of their vibrant colour and unique shape can breathe life into any room and are a general favourite. Air plants are known to be quirky, undemanding and absolutely adorable.  


Bonsai Trees

Plant Pokok.AsiaBonsai Tree. Source: nytimes.com.

  • Represent harmony, calm and wisdom
  • Suitable for someone who needs balance in their life.

Involving a centuries-old craft that started about a thousand years ago, the art of bonsai has a therapeutic and meditative effect on the grower as you tend to them. Bonsai tree care requires patience and effort and also offers one a channel to explore their creativity and personal expression. As the tree grows, you will come to appreciate the beauty of hard work and the fragility of life. They are ideal for those who take pleasure in recuperating through repetitive movements. 



Plant Pokok.AsiaCactus (Cactaceae). Source: West Coast Gardens.

  • Symbolise protection and endurance
  • Ideal for determined people or someone going through a hard time

Now, every plant parent must have at least a dozen of these prickly babies; it is the only rite of passage acceptable to all plant growers. Cacti are known for their endurance; the sole fact that they can withstand the harshest conditions and still thrive says a lot about their character. Native Americans believe that they represent motherly love as it is unconditional and everlasting. They are strong, resilient and above all, the cutest. Does that remind you of anyone?


Lucky bamboo

Plant Pokok.AsiaLucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana ). Source: Gardener’s path.

  • Symbolise good fortune and longevity
  • Perfect for someone entering a new chapter in life

If you are looking to bring positive vibes around you, be it at home or the office, or maybe you want to congratulate someone on a new venture, you can count on the lucky bamboo to bring in good vibes and good fortune. The lucky bamboo (which is not bamboo at all but a lily!) has been long cherished in Chinese cultures as a symbol of luck, health, power and prosperity due to its fast-growing abilities and resilience. So, if you think you could do with some blessings coming your way, the lucky bamboo is your go-to option!


Snake plants

Plant Pokok.AsiaSnake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata). Source: The old farmer’s almanac

  • Represent purity and tenacity 
  • Ideal for people who are organised

Like the lucky bamboo, the snake plant is a popular Feng-Shui typically associated with good luck. Because of their air-purifying abilities and adaptability, snake plants are usually used as gifts indicating persistence and happiness. While their spiky leaves may appear to be scary, they are believed to protect against evil spirits and bad luck. They are easy to care for, thrive in low-light environments and have excellent stress-relieving properties. 



Plant Pokok.AsiaDaisy (Leucanthemum). Source: Gardener’s path.

  • Symbolise innocence and purity 
  • Suitable for new or expecting mothers

According to an old Celtic legend, God sprinkled daisies across the world to cheer parents up whenever a child passed. The daisy belonged to Freya in Norse mythology, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. With time, daisies were associated with childbirth, motherhood and new beginnings. Despite being delicate by nature, daisies are known for their versatility and ability to flourish in almost any soil type and are rarely troubled by pests and diseases. You might remember them as the famous ‘he loves me; he loves me not.’ 



Plant Pokok.AsiaSunflower (Helianthus). Source: Innovation news network

  • Represent loyalty, adoration and happiness
  • Perfect for optimistic and vibrant personalities

Sunflowers are as bright and cheery as the name suggests. They bring joy to anyone who sees them and can easily brighten up a room with their infectious energy. They require large amounts of sunlight to chase after the sun, hence the name or, as legend has it, Clytie looking up to her lover with adoration. To the Native Americans, sunflowers represent harvest and provision, and to the Chinese cultures, long life, vitality and good luck. Think you can dazzle your way into someone’s heart? Be sure to get some sunflowers!


Happy plant, happy life

Learning more about greens and their meanings can be worthwhile as you will uncover more profound things about yourself and your loved ones. Understanding the symbolism of a plant adds value to your decor, garden or gift choice, whether or not you are an expert gardener. There is a much more incredible beauty and purpose to them that goes beyond what meets the eye. Which plant do you relate more to and why? Let me know in the comment section below! 


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