Reflecting on the Influence of Money and Society's Evolution

By Anais / 10 May 2024

VALUES AND MONEY IN MODERN TIMESMoney, the dream lullaby in a world that never sleeps. Photo source:

  • Reflecting on societal shifts, this piece explores how our perspectives on money, success, and happiness have transformed over time.

Reflecting on societal shifts, this piece explores how our perspectives on money, success, and happiness have transformed over time.

In today’s digital age, platforms like TikTok have become cultural influencers, shaping how we perceive success and wealth. Trends like the sprinkle sprinkle ladies reflect an increasing focus on financial achievements, prompting discussions about the true essence of success beyond monetary gains.

Historically, the pursuit of wealth has been a common theme, but our priorities seem to have shifted. As we navigate adulthood, we often find ourselves questioning the values we once held dear, wondering if our pursuit of financial stability has overshadowed other meaningful aspects of life.


The Power of Influence

money Pokok.AsiaMoney: The key to power and influence, holding our generation hostage. Photo source:

Money holds a lot of sway these days. It’s like a symbol of success and safety, giving you power and influence.

It’s pretty amazing how money can open doors and create opportunities, shaping the way we live and how society works.

Think about it. Nowadays, it feels like you don’t need talent to get ahead. In movies, they often cast famous social media stars instead of talented newcomers. And at fancy fashion events, it’s all about the big-name celebs stealing the spotlight, leaving real fans in the shadows. This affects how young people perceive success, as they strive to become wealthy and prioritise money above all else, believing that money and influence are the keys to achieving their goals.

Everyone’s chasing after money these days, letting it guide their decisions and change their values. Especially in our generation, where we’re all trying to copy the lives of influencers without really thinking about what’s important.

Let’s be honest: This generation is right in a way. Money is like a superpower these days. It controls everything and everyone. We all just want a better life for ourselves, right? We don’t want to just scrape by; we want to live our dreams. And money can help us do that.


Transactional Relationships

Today, many aspects of life seem transactional, where every interaction appears to revolve around financial gain. This realisation hit me hard when my friend Mina remarked, “Everything should bring financial gain.” It made me reflect on how our perception of love and relationships has shifted towards a transactional mindset..

In a society where success is equated with monetary wealth, relationships can become entangled in material desires. But shouldn’t emotional satisfaction and happiness be equally crucial in love? Isn’t genuine connection what truly matters?

Mina’s perspective resonates because we’ve grown up in a culture where money holds significant sway. It influences not just our personal choices but also shapes societal norms and expectations. While not every relationship is driven solely by financial gain, the pursuit of partners offering financial security has become more prevalent.

Even in our career paths, the focus has shifted towards financial rewards rather than passion and contentment. Many choose professions based on paycheck size rather than following their true passions and dreams. This shift is noticeable among my peers, who opt for fields like politics or business, driven by a desire for a certain lifestyle associated with financial success.

However, looking beyond money and materialism is crucial to finding genuine happiness and satisfaction. Breaking free from the constraints of a materialistic society allows us to prioritize values such as authenticity, empathy, and meaningful connections, leading to a more balanced and enriching life.


True Wealth and Happiness

money Pokok.Asia“Money can’t buy happiness.” Photo source:

In the pursuit of true wealth and happiness, it’s essential to recognise that success goes beyond mere financial abundance. Our modern world often equates success with the size of one’s bank account, leading to constant stress and pressure to accumulate more wealth.

However, let’s take a step back and reassess our priorities. Success encompasses various aspects of life, including finding joy in simple moments, maintaining good health, and nurturing meaningful relationships with loved ones. These elements are the true treasures that contribute to a fulfilling and happy life.

Building a happy family and raising children with values and virtues are invaluable achievements that far surpass material wealth. It’s about cherishing moments of laughter, love, and togetherness that money cannot buy.

In today’s fast-paced and materialistic society, it’s easy to get caught up in following trends and trying to keep up with the Joneses. However, true happiness comes from authenticity and being true to oneself. Embracing your uniqueness, values, and passions, and not giving in to societal pressures to conform, is key.

Ultimately, finding what genuinely makes you happy and fulfilled is the key to living a meaningful life. It’s about striking a balance between material success and non-materialistic values, leading to a more holistic and satisfying existence.




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Live Big, Pay Less!


Live Big, Pay Less!

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