Pros Of Having A Pool

4 reasons why you need a pool in your house

By CS Ming / 10 August 2022

Pros of having a poolHaving a pool at home doesn’t instantly make a person look rich. Source: freepik

  • Fewer family outings when all the fun is at your doorstep
  • Swimming is a good way to exert yourself
  • One great way to up the value of your house
  • Water beats heat

The thought of having a pool in our backyard conjures images of pruney fingers, rubber duckies and big, fluffy floats. It is an idyllic thought, yet many people held back on this particular upgrade, citing high costs as among the reasons. 

Understandably, there are many costs associated with a pool, such as maintaining the water quality. But is there really no saving grace for the pool, besides it being a fixture for the rich?


1/ Save money? Are you serious?

pool Pokok.AsiaDon’t let the initial cost scare you. Source: freepik 

We know the act of digging up the backyard and installing a pool is not cheap. It’s not cheap at all. So how does the crazy idea of saving money come into the picture?

As it happens, having a pool at home limits the frequency of us going out for entertainment, for example, watching a movie or going shopping. Cumulatively, all that will make a serious dent in your wallet.

Taking your whole family for dinner might cost even more. All I have at home is a three-legged cat, and even that is expensive. She eats only wagyu!

So do your wallet a favour by having a pool in the backyard, which is capable of delivering endless hours of family fun. Besides, it gets everyone away from their phones and PlayStation for some quality bonding time. 

I don’t know about you, but I use the pool to escape my extremely clingy feline companion.

Before I forget, you can also organise a party by the pool with your friends and enjoy a splashing good time. Who would have thought that a body of water could be so much fun!


2/ Personal gym

pool Pokok.AsiaDrink while working out. How convenient. Source: unsplash

Time to shred your gym membership card and save up on all the monthly subscription fees. Swimming is an all-around activity that keeps your heart rate up, builds endurance, tones muscles while increasing strength at the same time.

On the other hand, the exercises done via the equipment from the gym may only affect a certain part of your body. Call the pool your new personal gym.

That is definitely great news because we don’t have to be in confined places where everyone is on a high protein diet. Ewww! 

As an added bonus, a home swimming pool is a great place to recover from an injury since you can perform several gentle forms of exercise. 

It is also a good option for pregnant women and people with a disability such as asthma or arthritis to get some exercise without overexerting themselves.


3/ Capital appreciation

pool Pokok.AsiaUp, up and away. Source: freepik

A new coat of paint. Check! Manicured lawn with a bush that looks like Shirley Bassey. Check! Fake Pink Flamingos. Check! Straighten the post box…again. Check!

We have done so much to make the house look presentable, but it doesn’t seem to go up in value. What have we done wrong? There are a few upgrades that could immediately boost the marketability of your house besides a pool.

It is, after all, a timeless and durable feature that will always attract a buyer’s attention.

Many real estate agents stated that a small home attached with a backyard swimming pool fetches a better price compared to its larger counterparts without a pool. 

Oh, here is one more. Having a pool by your house is such a kick-ass addition to your decoration. Gardens are boring!


4/ Beat the heat in pool

pool Pokok.AsiaJust don’t forget about the sunburn, my lobster-coloured friend. Source: imeche

We Malaysians are no strangers to hot weather. We hunker down in our bedrooms and open the air conditioner to the max to escape the heat, not realising that our actions hurt the environment, if not our wallet.

The easiest way to forget all that sunshine is to submerge oneself into water. Having a chilled coconut juice in hand helps too. 

Health experts also mentioned that taking a dip in the pool will help you de-stress, which is particularly pleasant after a hectic day in the office. Use it as a place to find your centre, not unlike a yoga mat for zen meditation. 

Close your eyes and simply float in the coldness as you feel the water rock you like a lullaby. Just allow your worries to wash away.


All that watery goodness

Does your dog dig up the backyard occasionally? Perhaps it is an omen for you to start doing the same, now that we mentioned all the benefits that a pool brings to your home. Come back to us and tell us how you and your family enjoyed it!


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