Property Review: Manor Born, Ipoh

The luxury bungalow you didn’t know existed

By Nurul Dina / 15 June 2021

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 Do you think of Ipoh when you’re scouting for a luxury home? Or do you live in Ipoh but have minimal knowledge of the elite areas?


If you have your eyebrows raised in utter confusion, I guess you came to the right place, as I’m about to open the door to only beautiful houses with luxurious facilities and sceneries that are priceless!


At present, the few elite locations in Ipoh are Tiger Lane, Enclave, and The Dales. The Dales in particular used to be a 60 acres land that has been divided by the highway. And that’s where the property that will be reviewed is located – Manor Born. A stratified project built within an existing address.


Personally, luxury isn’t just about the interior of the house you’re buying. As the owner, you should be getting the sense of luxury from the minute you step into the compound. And at Manor Born, you’ll be welcomed by a beautiful and clean swimming pool.


Talk about coming in and never want to leave…


The Manor Born that’s situated along Jalan Tambun have a total of 18 units and they’re separated into two different directions – North and South. Before I dive deeper into my overall review of this manor, here’s an overview of the built-up:

  • 70’ x 88’, 7631 sqft built-up
  • 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms
  • Situated between the highway


Did I already mention that you get a mountain as the backdrop of your house? You’re about to level up your Saturday morning breakfast view!


Moving on to the structure of the units because that’s what you’re here for. Separated into basement, ground floor, and first floor. Each of these floors were built with practicality in mind.


Starting with the ground floor, you’ll of course be greeted by the conventional driveway and a car porch. Walking further in, you’ll then be welcomed by the rumpus room, courtyard and your own library. Some even call it a home office if you will. Towards the end of your basement, is a maid room for those who have maids or looking into hiring one.


Next up is the ground floor – the main area of the house. Just like any other houses, the main area consists of a family hall, dining hall, living hall, guest room, and for a touch of exclusivity, a space for the installation of your in-house lift. Oh the convenience of going up and down without having to use the stairs!


So if you wish to go to your room, you’ll just have to press the lift button up to the first floor. This is the floor where all the rooms are placed. Including a second family hall and a verandah – simple yet intimate private space for the convenience of your family movie night.


If that did not convince you enough, will a swimming pool do the magic? It is because residents at the Manor Born will enjoy the common swimming pool as well as the gym; think about the beautiful afternoons you get to spend with your kids laughing and creating memories as they swim their childhood away, or the calories you can burn after a fun BBQ night with your friends.


Something for you to ponder upon.


But going back to the interior of the house, since it’s a bungalow, it has the benefit of having openings on four different sides, including a center void that’ll further enhance the daylight in the house.


Further to that, the condition of the house suggests that this development was completed several years back. Hence, there may be some up keeping works that you may have to complete. However, fret not, as they’ve ensured the quality of materials used throughout the houses are of satisfying standards. For instance, the floorings are timber, timber skirting, and timber fences that separates your house from your neighbour’s house.


Therefore, if you’re ready to live in a small and open community, the Manor Born may just be the perfect one for you. , that’s what strata living is all about – a community living.


All in all, Manor Born is a dream for those looking for a luxury home in Ipoh. Not only is it situated at a strategic location, it’s also close to a beautiful park. A mountain and a park too? That’s a win, no?


I’ve given you my take on the overall project so now it’s time for me to be honest and share with you what I like and don’t like about the Manor Born. That’s only on Sean’s Take 3 on 3. 

Sean’s Take 3 on 3


3 Thing I’ve Enjoyed About Manor Born:

Property review Pokok.AsiaImage source


1. Design practicality

From the lot size, it’s already spacious and almost like a square where you have 70’x88’. And from the rooms I’ve seen, each one of them is also very practical in terms of spacing. Every space has sufficient width, length, and height. Plus, with the entire opening on every side, I had a concern with regards to the basement being too dark. Fortunately, the design team did a great job at allocating window panels that’ll allow sunlight to shine through.


2. Strata development

First off, the project is located in an existing guarded development. Meaning, you’ll have to go through two guardhouses before you get to your house. On top of that, living at Manor Born will allow you as a resident to enjoy the common areas such as the swimming pool, the gym and the BBQ pit.


3. Surrounding neighbourhood

All the high-end living areas – Thomposon, Enclave, Tiger Lane, surround Manor Born and that include The Dale. That itself will give you the “atas” feeling that we tend to look for when we talk about luxury living. Plus, you’ll have a public park that’s overlooking the majestic mountain, that’ll only bring serenity to you as a resident. It’s just so magical!


3 Things That I Didn’t Quite Enjoy:

Property review Pokok.AsiaImage source

1. No Way, Highway!

This is my biggest concern but if you’re willing to compromise that for the calming and cheerful sound of bird chirping, then that shouldn’t be a problem. To me, it just takes away the magical moment of waking up in the morning, looking at the scenery, but your moment of peacefulness gets interrupted by the loud sound of cars honking.


Coming here, I noticed that there’s a small cor

2. The entrance

ner right below the bridge that somewhat feels accidental in design. It’s a very narrow road leading to the entrance. However, this is a great alternative for those who don’t want anyone to know where they stay as it’s an entrance that seems like a difficult one to spot.


3. The common areas

If you look into the road, road shoulders, and landscape treatment, they’re all very narrow. Nevertheless, I think it’s because of the fact that Manor Born was built on a very small setting. 18 units and almost all of the lands are carved out for the respective owner instead of having it under the management.

For the full review of Manor Born, feel free to click on this link: 

 Sean Tan @iherng, a wholesome property enthusiast with a love for the industry. The views expressed here are the writer’s own.

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