Cherishing The Moments And Sacrifices Of My Parents

By Annicia / 5 April 2023


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  • Reminiscing on the first day of school as an only child
  • Remembering and recognising the efforts made by parents for their children
  • Returning the love before it’s too late


Do you remember your first day of school?

With schools reopening and seeing the next generation of young parents sending their little ones for their first day, it got me thinking of my first days in school and how my parents struggled to get me to stay there (schools were too scary for me). 

Thinking about it now, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated my parents enough for the sacrifices they made for me during that time. Of course, they still do, but it was a whole different level of sacrifice when I was younger. 

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Going above and beyond for their child. Source: coconutskl 


As I’m the only child, my parents only have me to have their trials and errors on when it comes to parenting, so yes, they worried A LOT. Both my mom and dad had to juggle between taking care of me and their full-time jobs when I was younger. 

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Little Annicia’s first day of preschool.


For me, it wasn’t just the first day of school but the first week. I used to be really shy and sensitive, which is why it was extremely difficult for me to adjust to the new environment; the teachers, students, and the small school that looked HUGE at the little age of 7. 

The first couple of days were the worst. I went to school completely lost with nothing but my ‘Finding Nemo’ pencil box in my bag. I remember being happy about not having anything with me because I didn’t have to do any of the work that was being given, but then my parents came to my class, holding a stack of the school’s notebooks. My eyes instantly welled up with tears (I wasn’t joking about being sensitive). 

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My mom and I on my 2nd birthday.


I remember how my mom would stay in school until recess with a couple of tuna sandwiches that she would’ve made for me. She helped me make friends by inviting my classmates to sit with us. I’m pretty sure I would’ve been a loner if it wasn’t for her making the first moves for me. 

I didn’t understand how jobs worked back then, so I never thought about how my parents would take turns to stay in school so that I would feel comfortable and safe enough to slowly become more confident and independent. It must’ve been a big struggle for them. 

I wish I had seen and understood their sacrifices and how much they cared for me because when my first day of high school came by, all the neediness was thrown out the window. I entered the dreadful era of being a young teen when having your parents care for you was somehow embarrassing. 

From then on, their little girl was all grown up and “didn’t need them” anymore (typical teenager things). I think college days became kind of a grey area where I understood their place as parents, but at the same time wanted independence without them being around all the time. 

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Papa’s little princess.


Though, my parents completely understood this phase of mine, especially my dad, and were supportive in everything a regular Asian parent would absolutely fear for their child. I straight up asked them whenever I wanted to go clubbing or to the bar with my friends. It might have given my mom a mini heart attack, but my dad convinced her to let me enjoy these things while I’m still at that age to. 

I’m still at the age where I’m learning to stand on my own feet. Seeing the support from my parents as days go by has led me to appreciate them more and more. To be honest, I find it hard to express my emotions to them, so I do it with small gestures like making them bouquets of flowers for Valentine’s Day this year; something I’ve never done before. 

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My parents and their strong independent daughter on her 21st birthday.


Slowly stepping into adult life has also got me thinking and noticing how my parents are also getting older. I notice the wrinkles forming on their faces. Nowadays, I realise that I have to speak louder with them as their hearing is not as good as it used to be, nor is their memory. 

Although I don’t have a very close emotional bond with my parents, it still breaks my heart every time I think about the day they’re not gonna be here anymore. 

I don’t mean to sound cliche, but you should take time to appreciate your parents more. You may have your differences, but they’re not gonna be around for much longer. All their past sacrifices is the reason you are where you are today. 

You wouldn’t want to realise their worth when it’s too late, and it’s time to completely let them go and walk on your own. Tell your parents you love them, even if it’s through a small gesture. 


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