Mom and Dad, This Is For You

Actual Gifts Your Mom and Dad Would Appreciate

By Dahliah / 21 June 2021

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Your parents have given you the gift of life. Your mother has tolerated the god-forbidden pain to give birth to you and your father has wiped your smelly bums clean when you were a kid. They cleaned you, clothed you, fed you, and loved you from day one. So, it’s pretty difficult to find a gift for them that measures up to all the monumental things they’ve provided.

For most of us, we can’t afford to settle their mortgage or buy a shiny new car, and giving an all-expense paid vacation might be a bit too high of a budget (props to the ones who can though, you’ve made it in life).

Hence, you would always end up giving them all too common gifts like the ‘I love mom’ or ‘I love dad’ mugs you find at the store. Which is, as you guessed it — Boringgg!

So instead, take a look at this list of gifts every time you’re in a similar pickle. We’re sure your parents would come to appreciate these better. Plus, they’re inexpensive, most are free even, and they’re not as common as the mugs.


Not You, Because You’re A Disappointment

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People are always saying that parents don’t always mean what they say. Which in this case, you should quite literally apply the saying to your situation. This is because, despite the instances where we would be met with our parents saying things like “No I don’t want anything. I just want all of us to be together”, trust us when we say that they might be lying to you.

Come on, guys. There are a million gifts out there. Be it tangible items you find in stores or the DIY gifts you do at home. If you can’t even think of a better gift than the disappointing ‘I love you’ mugs, what makes you think they would mean the “I just want us to be together” thing. Okay maybe they do, but they’re still expecting something, and that something is definitely not you.


To Not Bother Them

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You might think that your parents are older now and you have to grace them with your presence due to the little time they have left. No doubt your parents value you being there but your presence isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes it gets a bit too trying for them to take care of an adult child and make breakfast and clean after the crumbs you leave in front of the tv.

From the constant crying, diaper changing, and cleaning up after your messy eating, to helping you with homework, worrying where you’ve been all night, and dealing with your ever-changing half-past-six significant others. Your parents have gone through a thrilling roller coaster ride raising you. So, it’s time for all of you to stop bothering them and instead let them enjoy their precious little life without having to deal with your pesky little problems anymore.


A Rich In Law

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Every parent dreams that their child would marry a compassionate, understanding, discipline, and respectful significant other. They don’t have to be perfect, a wholesome one would do just fine. But no. In most cases, you would always introduce the ones where your parents would end up face palming themselves.

So, to make up for bringing back half-past-six significant others to meet your parents (which would always devastate them) you should at least make sure that they’re rich. At least with a rich son or daughter in law, they could finally enjoy a decent staycation at a 5-star hotel and other luxuries in life fully paid for by the both of you. Now, what better gift than that?


A Blender

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Okay, we said most of the gift ideas are free. Not everything in life comes with no cost guys. Anyways if you didn’t already know, kitchen appliances have become a practical gift over time and they’re widely accepted by many as special gifts. Especially those pretty colourful sets you see in stores.

Hence, if you don’t know what to get your parents for their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion, go and get them a blender. Because who doesn’t love a good blender? Even one of our colleagues from Jordan said their people love getting blenders. Your parents not only can blend their foods and juices, but they could also blend away that old ‘I love you’ mug you got last time. Talk about versatility!


LOL! We’re Joking

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If you’ve managed to read till the end, your brows must be furrowing and you’re thinking if we’re actually serious with this list and what’s up with us and the ‘I love you’ mugs? We’re not and we have nothing against them. It’s all for jokes and laughter. This is because we realize that sometimes your soul needs that dose of laughable reading material once in a while.

Also about gift-giving, we’re no gifts experts here at Pokok. But what we do know is that no matter what gift you present to your parents, they would appreciate them even the smallest of ones. The ‘I love you’ mugs included because they know that every one of them comes from your heart and just the simple gesture of you spending your time with them.

So tell us, what’s the funniest gift you’ve ever given to your parents down below. We’d love to laugh at them together!

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