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4 simple self satisfactions you can enjoy your “me time”

By Dahliah / 24 June 2021

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  • A list of satisfying activities you could do to enjoy your “me time” and declutter your mind from your daily busy schedule.
  • You could simply enjoy doing these activities at the comfort of your own home without having to interact with other people.
  • It is also scientifically proven that you will benefit wholesomely with spending your time in solitude to focus on yourself.
  • Wear your comfiest loungewear, put your feet up, and enjoy these activities without any interruptions.

Having your “me time” is something you all need once in a while to declutter your mind and soul from the busy schedule you try to accomplish daily. When we talk about having your “me time”, we are not talking about spending the whole day at a spa or planning on a luxury vacation. Well, you could if you want to, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary activities.

Considering you are already spending most of your days outside, sometimes staying in is the best option. A day (or more) of not interacting with anybody,  not having to worry of how you look like, lounging around the house with the ugliest but yet comfiest loungewear you own sounds like heaven on earth for some of us.

Not to mention, it is scientifically proven that one would benefit in multiple ways from spending a decent duration of being in solitude to just focus on yourself. From increased productivity, spark creativity, to building a strong mental health. Especially, the busier you are, the more you would benefit from them.

So to all of you whose lives are always filled with a hectic schedule, here are four simple self satisfactions you can enjoy for your “me time”.

1. Spend time with your fur friends

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Unlike the interaction with other human beings, giving our attention to our cute fur friends isn’t as bothersome as it seems. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as pets are known to be a natural mood enhancer.

Day after day you would come home feeling exhausted, your pets are sure to perk you up when you find them greeting at the door. According to WebMD, your body actually goes through physical changes in that time that makes a positive shift to your mood.

It should come as no surprise that quality one-on-one time with your fur friends is super important, both for your pets and for you. So, take this time to lay around, play, shower, and give the utmost attention to them. We bet both you and your furry friends would love some alone time together.

2. Order in your cravings

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Aren’t you tired of always having to have your food on the go or snarfing mediocre snacks whenever you can? Despite having lunch breaks or dinner meetings, there’s barely time for you to actually enjoy your food. Sometimes, it’s not even the schedule but that pesky little thought of yours of not wanting to eat good food due to negative related reasons.

Instead, take this time to treat yourself by ordering in all the cravings you had from the whole week and take a minute to really savour it. Forget all the negative thoughts of having to eat clean. Order in all those greasy, sweet, and salty food. Burgers, desserts, fried goods — go crazy and order them all!

Also, if you’re feeling a little extra, head on over to the grocers, come back home, and cook a hearty meal for yourself. Spread your orders across the table or plate it nicely and just eat it slowly and deliberately. Appreciate and enjoy every lucious bite.

3. Binge-watch your watchlist

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If you’re like us, then you would probably have a list of unwatched shows saved in your Netflix watchlist that’s just waiting to be seen.

So another thing you could do is, devour the spread you’ve just ordered while entertaining yourself with the shows you have on your list. We all know how good and satisfying it is to just eat a juicy burger while binge-watching your favorite shows.

Hence, sit back, relax, and round up your list of delightful and distracting shows that will ideally help you feel a little bit better right after and allow you to have those small moments of release. Just remember not to strain your eyes and mind by watching too much as this would ruin the whole “me time”.

4. Do nothing

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Like we said earlier, most of us spend our days outside trying to accomplish all the things we have to do daily. To the point that we don’t even remember the last time that we did nothing. By nothing, we mean absolutely nothing. Even if you did, most probably your peaceful nothing would be interrupted by someone or something and your doing nothing would be ruined.

Some may think that even when you’re spending your “me time” you have to do something productive. However, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the best way for you to just enjoy your personal time would be to just do nothing. Literally, absolutely nothing with no sort of interruptions.

Sit, get your legs up, stare at the wall, nap, or whatever form of doing nothing means to you. Spend that little time you have to empty your mind and just-do-nothing.

Here’s the thing, being in solitude or spending a day or two just to be by yourself isn’t as dejected or sorrowful as some put it out to be. Your time alone doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative experience. Now, go ahead and enjoy the rest of your day with these simple pleasures.

How do you spend your “me time”? Don’t be shy and share with us at !

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