Milestones to Make Everyday Valentine’s Day

3 Relationship Milestones That Are Worth Celebrating

By Alessandra / 6 June 2021

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  • You can celebrate your relationship any day by commemorating relationship milestones.
  • Three milestones worth celebrating are your first date, meeting each other’s friends and your significant other’s proud moments.

We see couples going the extra mile for each other on Valentine’s day — flowers, cakes, balloons, you name it, they’ve got it!

Once a year (or twice if you’ve been together long enough to celebrate your anniversary), most of us look forward to the special day where we get to be pampered and receive gifts from our partners, and vice versa.

However, you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s day to celebrate your relationship. Sometimes, the little things in the relationship are what helps your bond grow and strengthen. Celebrating these milestones can also keep your relationship exciting and help you appreciate your partner more. Not to mention, Valentine’s flowers and chocolates are suddenly way more expensive.


3 relationship milestones worth celebrating

What can you celebrate other than the usual birthdays and anniversaries? Anything you want! Here are some ideas to get you started.


1. Your first date

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Your first date is where it all began. Although the first of many, it was the first time you saw each other as a potential romantic interest and laid the foundation for a healthy, budding relationship.

There’s something special about first dates, from dressing your best to impress the other person to the butterflies and excitement you feel during the date. Celebrating your first date can help you remember all the usually forgotten things about how and why you fell in love with your partner.

A fun way to commemorate this milestone is to recreate your first date. It can be something as simple as a light conversation about how you feel about your first date. Or you can be extra and go back to the same restaurant and even wear the same outfits!


2. Meeting the friends

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We’ve heard about meeting the parents, but what about meeting the friends? For a lot of us, our friends are important people in our lives that have been there for us since day one. It’s only natural for us to want them to like our significant other.

Although it might be awkward at first, meeting each other’s trusted friends is a way of telling your partner that you want them in your circle and, essentially, your life for the long run. It’s a step worth celebrating as it takes the relationship to a deeper and more intimate level.

We suggest planning a fun night out with your two and your friends! For instance, sharing funny stories over dinner, karaoke night or a staycation are great ways to bond with everyone.


3. Your significant other’s proud moments

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Personal or career growth is essential and reasonably so. Things like getting a new job or a promotion are made even more special when we share them with our special person. Your partner probably feels the same way!

There’s nothing wrong with letting them know that you’re proud of their accomplishments, whether big or small. Whether they started their own business or finally quit smoking after so long, having a small celebration never hurts anyone.

We recommend simple yet wholesome ways such as cooking their favourite food, planning a relaxing day out, or a night drive to look at the city view.

Every day can be Valentine’s day with just a little bit of effort. Get creative and have fun while you’re at it! After all, there’s no point if you two are not enjoying your little celebrations.

Do you have any unique celebrations with your significant other? Share with us in the comments below.

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