Making A Child-friendly Home

4 ways to prevent your child from getting a boo-boo

By CS Ming / 13 May 2022

Making a child-friendly homeThat’s a very nice curious face you have. Ever heard about the story of a curious cat? Source: forbes

  • Remove furniture with sharp edges
  • Animal plus child equals NO!
  • Not bulletproof, but childproof.
  • Go learn some first aid, will ya?

Children! They are so small, but the damage they cause is disproportionate to their tiny size. How is this possible? Here is a mystery of the universe. 

The sad thing is, children are as capable of wrecking the home as they are capable of injuring themselves in the attempt. 

Let’s face the truth. Regardless of how monstrous these little devils are, they are still our flesh and blood. And we don’t want them to get hurt. So let’s shrug away our misgivings and start turning our home into a safe space for them.


We don’t do angles here

child Pokok.AsiaThey say 90-degrees is the right angle. I think that is pure bullshit! Source: reviewed

Remember when our mom told us not to run about with something sharp in our hands, like a pencil, for example. Well, that is just part of the story. The fact is, we wouldn’t want our child to run into something sharp too.

Time to go to the furniture shop and start shopping for chairs, tables and cupboards with curved edges instead of the generic 90-degree angles.

If you can’t afford to replace your original furniture, then it would be best to add soft paddings on the sharp ends like cloth or rubber.

Let’s expand on that. Secure your furniture and large appliances to the wall, so they don’t fall on your kids when they tip them over. 

Also, keep your knives, scissors and other dangerous equipment away from a child’s reach. Place them on the top drawer before your child finds it and starts making a steak out of your house cat. Or maybe that was the idea!


Say bye-bye to Elizabeth

child Pokok.AsiaTime to get a naked mole-rat. No hair, no problem. Just 100% naked. Source: britannica

I love my British Shorthair Queen Elizabeth, but she sheds her fur at a rate faster than a tree during autumn.

And you know the thing with kids, they eat anything their chubby little hands can grab. So if you have a pet such as mine, my magical crystal ball foresees a future where you have much vacuuming and mopping to do.

Either that or you partitioned off part of the house, separating the area where your animal frolic from the area where your toddler crawls. 

Animals are but a small part of the problem. Make it a routine to always inspect the floor. 

Remove choking hazards such as coins, marbles or small solid objects that your child will not hesitate to swallow. Now that we think about it, animals and children…aren’t so different.


Child-proof your home

child Pokok.AsiaThis world is a dangerous place. Source: geektyrant

We hear about bulletproofing and fireproofing. But have you heard about childproofing? Yes, it is a word, and don’t worry because we are about to get to the details.

For starters, we are going to place baby gates at the top and bottom of all stairs in the house. Wouldn’t want our biological kin to go tumbling down. 

Unless you accidentally adopted an Atlantean baby, every swimming pool is a baby kill zone. Make sure that baby gates are installed at the door so your child won’t go for a swim…or a sink.

Next, cover the electrical outlets because babies just like to stick their adorable little fingers into every darn hole they find. 

Now you know why we celebrate Happy Father’s and Happy Mother’s Day. Just the fact that they manage to raise us beyond four years old is a feat worth celebrating.

Yes, we’re looking at you!


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