Exploring the Marvels of Insects in Mother Nature!

By Aina / 5 October 2023

InsectHas Goh, or InsectMother with her some magnificent companions! Photo source: InsectMother

Enter the captivating realm of “Has Goh,” the sensational InsectMother making waves on Instagram! Her unconventional choice of pets has sparked a delightful frenzy—pets that crawl, flutter, and buzz—insects! Yes, you heard it right, insects! Through her quirky and mesmerizing Instagram presence, she has brought to light the enchanting world of creepy crawlies, leaving us all utterly bug-eyed with curiosity.

But don’t be fooled, for InsectMother is no ordinary influencer—she’s a seasoned insect researcher with a particular passion for the enigmatic stick insects known as phasmids. Prepare to be enthralled as we embark on a fascinating journey with InsectMother, delving into her motivations, experiences, and the delightful insights she’s gained as a true pet insect connoisseur.


Insect Pokok.AsiaInsect Mother proudly showing her collection of insect pets! Photo source: InsectMother


Unveiling the Fascinating World of Insects

InsectMother’s journey into the wacky world of insects began with a twist of fate. Amidst the wild world of exotic animal care, she stumbled upon these pint-sized critters, and boy, did they make an impression! It was like discovering a secret bug club tucked away in the vast menagerie of the animal kingdom.

As InsectMother scratched her head, pondering the mysteries of these tiny terrors, she found solace and inspiration in the timeless wisdom of Maria Sibylla Merian. This legendary entomologist, naturalist, and scientific illustrator became InsectMother’s bug-eyed guru, guiding her through the labyrinthine realm of insect research. With her hero leading the way, InsectMother bravely ventured forth, armed with a butterfly net and a sense of humour fit for a beetle stand-up comedian.

Insect Pokok.AsiaMeet the leaf insects, the original masters of leafy camouflage. Photo source: InsectMother


Enter the “Bug Boss”

InsectMother takes her role as the “Bug Boss” seriously when it comes to caring for her six-legged posse. Each of her pet insects receives personalized VIP treatment, complete with custom-designed habitats that would make any insect green with envy.

These divas have unique demands, and boy, do they have demands! Some crave a constant cool breeze, so InsectMother installed tiny air conditioning units just to keep their body temperatures in check. Others demand a humidity like it’s going out of style, so she cleverly installed automatic misting systems to satisfy these delicate drama queens. It’s a full-on insect spa retreat at InsectMother’s place, where even the tiniest critters get the royal treatment. You can almost imagine them sipping tiny fruity drinks by the pool and gossiping about the latest buzz in the insect kingdom.


Unveiling the Intriguing Behaviors and Characteristics

InsectMother’s pet insects are true masters of disguise, showcasing their mind-boggling “leaf-imitation karate” skills! These leaf insects transform into leafy ninjas right before your eyes, with stealthy moves and mesmerizing leaf-like motions that leave even the most cunning predators scratching their heads (or their antennae, in this case). It’s like witnessing an epic insect action movie!

As InsectMother watches these leafy superheroes in action, she can’t help but marvel at their leaf-mimicking prowess and the survival skills they possess. They’ve taken camouflage to a whole new level, and InsectMother is their biggest fan, ready to give them a standing ovation for their leaf-tastic performances!

Insect Pokok.AsiaHaaniella Stick Insect: A Super Cool, Spiky Explorer of the Wild. Photo source: InsectMother

Throughout InsectMother’s tiny enlightenment journey, she’s encountered mind-blowing revelations. It turns out that insects aren’t just extras in the grand movie of life—they’re the secret stars! These tiny titans play a vital role in our ecosystem, like the unsung heroes of the insect Avengers. Without them, the delicate balance of nature would be in serious trouble.

Can you imagine a world without buzzing bees or whimsical butterflies fluttering about? It would be like a bad movie sequel—no plot, no magic, just a bunch of sad flowers and empty picnic baskets. InsectMother has taken it upon herself to be the insect superhero’s advocate, fighting for insect conservation and reminding everyone that even the tiniest creatures have a significant role to play in maintaining a healthy and thriving environment.


Conquering Challenges with Unwavering Grit!

InsectMother’s journey as a phasmid aficionado has had its fair share of “bugstacles.” From wrestling with picky eaters to defending against predator attacks, she’s faced more challenges than an insect-sized obstacle course. Not only that, the heat waves hit her phasmid nursery like a scorching summer vacation—those little critters needed a cool-down more than a sunburnt tourist!

But here’s the twist: InsectMother is like a bug whisperer on a mission! Fueled by her undying love for phasmid conservation, she never backed down. With the determination of a dung beetle rolling a ball twice its size, she tackled every hurdle, fine-tuning her husbandry skills to create a phasmid paradise.

Amidst the bug-riddled chaos, there have been moments that make InsectMother’s heart flutter like a butterfly at a flower festival. The hatching of baby phasmids? It’s like witnessing a tiny insect miracle unfold! The joy that fills her when she sees those little wiggly nymphs venturing into the world is immeasurable. And as these babies grow into sturdy adults, forming sustainable generations right in captivity, InsectMother can’t help but dance happily. 

“But since phasmid has always been my greatest passion, especially in conservation, I never give up and always keep trying to improve my phasmid husbandry in captivity.”

Sharing these incredible moments with the public, inviting them to witness the marvels of nature up close, brings InsectMother a sense of fulfilment that’s sweeter than nectar to a bee. It’s a bug-filled adventure that she’s thrilled to share with everyone, ensuring that the beauty of these creatures doesn’t stay hidden in the shadows.

Insect Pokok.AsiaInsectMother and her Malayan Jungle Nymph Stick Insect rule the wild with their captivating bond and awe-inspiring adventures! Photo source: InsectMother


Breaking Barriers: Empowering Minds through Awareness

InsectMother, the visionary Instagram influencer, wields her platform’s magic to rewrite the tale of pet insects. Armed with determination, she confronts the deep-rooted misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding these enchanting creatures. Through the alchemy of education, she sprinkles golden knowledge upon her followers, revealing the wondrous benefits insects bring to our ecosystem. Her mission? To unravel the threads of misunderstanding, unravelling a tapestry of appreciation and understanding for these extraordinary beings.

Good news for those interested in keeping phasmids as pets! InsectMother offers valuable tips and recommendations, highlighting the crucial steps of species identification and seeking guidance from experienced caretakers. She unveils the secrets of temperature, humidity, and egg incubation, as well as the path to exceptional care. That way, you can be just like InsectMother, the fairy godmother of insects!

InsectMother’s journey as a pet insect owner has been greatly enhanced by her collaboration with the Exotic Animal Teaching Lab at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of UMK. This partnership has allowed her to expand her studies, conduct research, and engage with professional entomologists, exotic veterinarians, and fellow researchers. The support and knowledge shared within this community have been instrumental in furthering InsectMother’s understanding and passion for phasmids.


Opened Door to Appreciation of a Whole New World

The Instagram influencer and phasmid researcher, InsectMother, has emerged as a leading advocate for pet insects and their conservation. Through her unique perspective and dedication, she has challenged misconceptions and opened doors to a deeper appreciation of the insect world.

InsectMother’s journey is one of continuous learning, overcoming challenges, and sharing the wonders of these tiny creatures. By following her Instagram account, we can gain a glimpse into the fascinating universe of pet insects and join her in celebrating their remarkable presence.




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