Lotus’s Hypermarket Springs to Life in IJM Rimbayu

By Editor / 7 December 2023

developmentLotus’s groundbreaking at IJM Rimbayu redefines retail excellence and convenience.

  • Peek into Lotus’s hypermarket grand development at IJM RImbayu.

In a significant move for the thriving IJM Rimbayu township in Selangor, the groundbreaking ceremony for Lotus’s hypermarket sets the stage for a positive transformation in the local retail and commercial scene. Spearheaded by IJM Land, this development not only promises added convenience for residents but also indicates a notable boost in property development and economic growth.


Community-Centric Development

development Pokok.AsiaChai Kian Soon, Senior GM of IJM Land, Datuk Wong Tuck Wai, CEO of IJM Land, Saksit Panurach, CEO of Lotus’s and Neil Nesaratnasingam Gurusamy, Special Assistant to the CEO of Lotus’s

Lotus’s, a renowned hypermarket operator, is strategically positioned in the heart of IJM Rimbayu, with a lease term of 30 years. With an estimated completion date in Q4 2024 and a development cost of RM42 million, it is set to become the largest hypermarket within a 10km radius. Boasting an impressive land size of 4.48 acres and a spacious built-up area of 64,066 sqft, Lotus’s aims to cater to the rapidly growing community by offering an exceptional shopping experience and exemplary customer service.

By establishing itself as a prominent presence in the region, Lotus’s demonstrates its commitment to the community and seeks to provide a comprehensive destination for household necessities. It is not only designed to meet the diverse needs of residents but also to stimulate increased demand in nearby commercial real estate properties, as highlighted by Datuk Wong Tuck Wai, CEO of IJM Land.

Being centrally located, Lotus’s hypermarket seamlessly integrates into the fabric of the neighbourhood, serving as a gateway to unparalleled convenience. This strategic positioning not only fuels economic growth but also fosters a vibrant community hub. As foot traffic is expected to surge, businesses have the opportunity to capitalise on prime retail spaces and offices, contributing to the overall development and prosperity of the bustling locale.


Positive Impact on Property Values

development Pokok.AsiaIJM Rimbayu welcomes Lotus’s, redefining community living and retail excellence.

Lotus’s presence has the potential to positively impact property values in the surrounding residential real estate, thereby enhancing the desirability of properties at IJM Rimbayu for prospective buyers and renters. Additionally, the hypermarket’s extensive customer base is expected to attract a substantial number of patrons, thereby contributing to a thriving and robust localised property market. 

The anticipation surrounding Lotus’s is part of a broader development trajectory for IJM Rimbayu, which includes various upcoming commercial projects. These projects encompass the completion of Uptown @ Rimbayu in the first quarter of next year, followed by Uptown Square @ Rimbayu in 2025. Furthermore, an exciting addition to this thriving community will be the unveiling of the J&T Warehouse and its headquarters in 2026.


A Visionary Development

Lotus’s groundbreaking ceremony at IJM Rimbayu signifies a momentous step forward in the ongoing development, showcasing IJM Land’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the township with retail offerings that align with the expectations of the community. 

As businesses seize the opportunity presented by the rising foot traffic, the projected increase in demand for retail spaces and offices will significantly contribute to the overall liveliness of the area, thereby transforming IJM Rimbayu into a vibrant and comprehensive retail and commercial destination.

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