Have You Masturbated Yet Today?

The Benefits Of Masturbation

By Kumaraguru / 10 December 2021

masturbate Pokok.AsiaThe famous symbolization of male and female masturbation. Source: Cosmopolitan

  • You get to explore your own body and sexual desires
  • It helps in healthy hormones production
  • Helps in maintaining a decent amount of sex drive

Self-love has become a prevalent topic in this era. The importance given to self-love varies according to the aspects being focused on.

But are you aware that self-pleasure can also fall under the context of self-love? Yes, getting a solo action to fulfill your sexual desires can also be a way to love yourself!

Masturbation is a common activity carried out by individuals of all ages regardless of their gender.

Ever wondered how frequent is too much for masturbation?

Worry not; how often you do it isn’t really an issue, but how satisfied it makes you feel sexually should be given priority. In a way, masturbating is the safest form of sex you can ever practice, except that it only involves a pair of hands.

As invested as you are in this topic, do you know that masturbating regularly is beneficial for both your physical and mental well being? 


Explore Your Body

Selena Gomez once sang, ‘Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself’! I guess who could learn something from it. 

Masturbation is definitely a fun way to explore your own body and your sexual desires. It’s about time for you to get in touch with your body and explore what turns you on. In a sense, it also gives you a moment of empowerment.

It doesn’t matter if you have a penis or a vagina; you should learn about every stroke, pressure and touch that can potentially make your eyes roll to the back of your eyes. Not possessed, just progressed!

On the other hand, exploring your own pleasure points can also aid in better sex.

You would have the control in teaching your partner and guiding him or her on what to pay more attention to, resulting in a blast of hormones.

Masturbating certainly creates a win-win situation. Get a lube and get handsy.


Aids In Releasing Hormones

Are you feeling overwhelmed from a hectic day of work or a stressful day at school?

Go back home and masturbate!

When you have an orgasm, your body tends to release healthy hormones that could do wonders for your well being. Dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin are commonly known as ‘happiness hormones’ that can help you de-stress, relax, and help in bonding effects.  

These mood-boosting chemicals act as the perfect natural stress relievers alongside promoting a happier lifestyle. On top of that, a study published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine elaborated that oxytocin released during an orgasm can help in decreasing the cortisol levels of one’s body. This directly could help in lowering the urge of feeling stressed out.  

Moreover, it also promotes a better night’s sleep. In a 2019 study, it was found that most people who masturbate before going to bed, tend to have a better sleep quality.

Remember one thing: self-pleasure can always make you feel a little better than usual. 


Get The Sex Drive Going

Sex education 101: If you don’t use, you lose it.

I bet no elaboration is needed for the statement because you are well aware that you can never gain something good out of a thing if you don’t practice well enough!

Masturbation is the closest you can get to ‘almost sex’. Scientifically proven, for an individual to perform well sexually, he or she needs a decent supply of nitric oxide in the blood. Besides that, any form of sexual activity can achieve this goal.

An absence of this chemical will eventually result in having problems with erections and lubrication. You don’t want your banana and your wonderland to lose their sexual functionality don’t you?

A dry land isn’t going to do its best in quenching thirst. Think about it!


You Can Always Do it Solo!

You deserve to feel liberated, powerful and glow in self-confidence.

Your body, your rules! You should always feel comfortable exploring great things about yourself.

Masturbation doesn’t only help you sexually but also tends to be a great way to improve your biological well-being.

Get to your personal space, and let your fingers do wonders for you!




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