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By Prevelinaa Suresh / 13 July 2021

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  •  What time is it? Time to freshen up your space by adding the trendiest furniture in town!
  • The top 5 trending furniture of 2021 that will make your space like no other.

You could be a trend guru, an aspiring decor enthusiast, or maybe neither, but you would’ve definitely noticed that your furniture is one of the crucial elements that enliven your home!

We don’t go eeny, meeny, miny, moe when furniture shopping now, do we? We all look for specific features in a piece of furniture, so which is it for you?  

It could be the colour, size, design, quality, material, functionality, and oh boy! The list could go on and on!

The only constant in life is change, and maybe that explains why everyone’s creativity and liking changes by the day. Since we love to keep you in the trending loop, we’re happy to share with you these five furniture trends that would be such a pity to miss in 2021. Who knows? It might just help you bag that ‘trendiest home’ title in your neighbourhood! Adding these elements to your home could simply brighten up your day especially during this pandemic.


Go Natural

furniture trends Pokok.AsiaImage via Indonesia Design

The pandemic has not only confined us to our homes but has also got us craving for the touch of nature! This trend basically focuses on using natural materials like wood and rattan.

The magic about natural materials is that their warmth and finesse can complement simply any area of our home. Plus, is there anything you can’t make out of them? Tables, chairs, shelves, cupboards, bed frames ─ name it and there you have it. Talk about versatility!

If you live in a high-density condominium amidst the city’s hustle and bustle, you might want to create a little nature corner in your home. What other perfect way to invite nature into your crib than getting furniture crafted using natural materials? That doesn’t just tick one box on your wishlist, but four! Sense of nature, aesthetics, sustainability, and versatility, checked!


furniture trends Pokok.AsiaImage via Rotan Lot

In a world filled with virtuality and synthetics, wouldn’t a glimpse of the natural world be great! A corner with these modern yet rustic furniture could just be the escapade we all need!


Welcoming Vintage

furniture trends Pokok.AsiaImage via Decoist

They don’t say old is gold for nothing, you know? Everything that was deemed outdated in the past is slowly making its way back to the spotlight in 2021!

Vintage pieces are redefining themselves as more people recognise the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable furniture. Most vintage furniture are made from natural materials, so they don’t only come with exquisite craftsmanship but will also last you a lifetime with the right care!

By getting antique furniture, you’re not just adding another item to your interior but you’re giving it a personality. Each of these vintage pieces have a story to tell, and you can simply feel it by the warmth it adds to your space! How cool would it be to have a piece of history in your home?

Being basic can be quite boring. So, give your space a breath of fresh air with a subtle fusion of modern and vintage decor. It will definitely set your place apart from the rest!

So don’t wait, start collecting antiques today!


Colour Pop Furniture

furniture trends Pokok.AsiaImage via The Urban Guide

There are only two types of people that exist, the ones who love neutral shades and the ones who can’t stop playing around with bright colours. If you belong to the latter, then this trend is the one for you!

The easiest way to jazz up your space is to simply add a splash of colour to neutral backdrops using furniture. Bright coloured furniture creates bold impressions, making your space stand out and appear trendy. If you’re someone who loves attention, then you’ve got to jump on the bandwagon!

If you’re the colour enthusiast you think you are, then exploring big wouldn’t sound like an extreme move. For the thrill of it, you could try getting large furniture like sofas and cupboards, in clashing colours. Now, that would really speak to your personality! If that sounds too much, you can also layer tonal variations of a hue for a softer approach.


furniture trends Pokok.AsiaImage via Property 24

Life is all about colours, isn’t it? But, do you really love colours enough to incorporate this bold style in your home or would you rather listen to the inner minimalistic you?


Embracing curves

furniture trends Pokok.AsiaImage via Metropolis

In 2021, it’s time to not only start embracing your curves but also your furniture’s! Oops, If you think we’re talking about the retro ones your grandparents used to adore, we’re not!

This trend is all about tubular furniture that are exquisitely put together using an array of luxe fabrics, metallic accents and bold, fun colors. It started to take off mainly because of the sense of individuality it gives. Unlike conventional furniture, it takes a curved shape making it both a modern and bold addition to your interior.

furniture trends Pokok.AsiaImage via Modway

If you’re thinking of jazzing up your space a little, then getting one of these would definitely do the trick for you! Tubular furniture can easily lift the layout of a space and soften the overall look of your home! You don’t need many, just one of these will make a huge difference.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourselves today then! A hint of colours or shapes can do wonders for your spaces, but if you’re skeptical,  take a leap of faith and thank us later!


Statement pieces

furniture trends Pokok.AsiaImage via Her World

The key to an aesthetic interior is minimalism. You don’t need to excessively decorate your space to give it a personality, instead, you only need a few statement pieces to land with the interior you desire!

Statement pieces don’t need to be huge to grab attention, it’s all about selecting the right size, style, and colour depending on your space. If you have a neutral-toned living room, adding a bright vase or a piece of colourful art could really enliven your space!

The purpose of these statement pieces is to stand out and make a statement about the style of your space. In a basket of ten apples, which would grab your attention first? The nine red apples or that one green apple that’s different?  The same logic applies to your furniture, it’s all about turning heads with contrasting elements!

furniture trends Pokok.AsiaImage via Curbed

So start thinking, which piece would best communicate the style of your home? Best yet, did you know that you can even accessorise your home with statement pieces according to your MBTI personality? (Hyperlink article) Well, start scrolling for some inspo now!


Wrap Up

Don’t underestimate the importance of your furniture, they do more than just beautifying a home. Apart from simply being a backdrop of our lives, they express our style and bring families closer by being the focal point of any room.

Above and beyond all, these furnitures are among the crucial details that turn a mere house into a welcoming home! They take up the majority space of our home and have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, be it good or bad. So don’t you think it’s time to revamp your home with some of these trending furniture?

We hope we tempted you to get your hands on some of these hot picks of 2021! Oh wait, do you already have one of these? If you do, come on and tell us how much you are loving it in the comment section below. Don’t forget to tell us which trend you love the most too!

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