Safeguarding Childhood with Six Simple Steps

By Editor / 17 November 2023

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  • A call to safeguard our children from lapses in memory through practical reminders and increased awareness, ensuring their safety and preventing heart-wrenching tragedies

Have you ever entered a room with a clear purpose, only to forget why you’re there the moment you step inside? It’s a familiar quirk of the human brain. 

Forgotten Baby Syndrome is no stranger to this lapse in memory.

In 2011, Kaleb Laatsch, a devoted father from Wyoming, experienced a near miss that forever altered the course of his life. 

A routine drive to work took a tragic turn when he unintentionally left his nine-month-old son, Gideon, in the car. 

Gideon miraculously survived but bore severe brain and organ damage. The judge, moved by these heartbreaking circumstances, opted not to send Kaleb to jail, recognising the immense suffering he had already endured.

Forgotten Baby Syndrome isn’t a mental disorder, despite what some may think. It’s a silent danger, one that can affect anyone, regardless of their race, gender, income, or education. 

And before we’re quick to pass judgment, it’s crucial to understand that it is not a reflection of parenting abilities either. 

Instead, it’s a consequence of momentary lapses in memory, often triggered by changes in routine or the chaos of daily life.

Now, let’s explore these six simple steps that can prevent such heart-wrenching incidents. 


1/ Stuffed Animal Reminder

Baby Pokok.AsiaEnsuring safety in every journey – a trusty companion buckles up for the ride. Photo Source: Adobe Stock

Stuffed Animal to the Rescue! 

Keep a soft toy or stuffed animal in your car, preferably on the front passenger’s seat.

Then, when you place your child in the car seat, put the cuddly toy beside you. 

This simple yet effective action creates a visual reminder right in your line of sight, helping you remember that your child is in the backseat.

It’s like having a trusty co-pilot, ensuring your child’s safety throughout the journey.


2/ Open the Back Door

Baby Pokok.AsiaEnsuring safety with every back door check. Photo Source: iStock

Make it a goal to open the back door every time you park your car. 

Set a simple purpose, like keeping your office bags or groceries in the back seat. 

This way, even if you forget to check the back of your car, you’ll naturally need to get your bags or other items out.

It’s a win-win situation! 

This practice becomes a reassuring routine, ensuring you haven’t accidentally left your child unattended while adding a touch of convenience to your day.


3/ Diaper Bag Reminder

Baby Pokok.AsiaDiaper bag: the reassuring sign of a baby on board. Photo Source: AliExpress

Put your baby’s diaper bag in the front passenger’s seat. 

Diaper bags and babies go hand in hand, right? 

When you see that bag right next to you, it’s a constant reminder that your child is in the backseat. 

This makes it much harder to forget they’re there, reducing the chance of unintentionally leaving them behind.


4/ Stay Alert

Baby Pokok.AsiaStaying alert during changes in routine. Photo Source: Freepik

During changes in your daily routine, like taking a different route or doing something out of the ordinary, it’s crucial to be extra alert. 

On familiar drives, we can become used to the routine and might not pay as much attention. 

However, when your routine shifts, it’s essential to stay focused on keeping your child safe. 

So, when your routine changes, be sure to pay extra attention to your child’s well-being during the drive


5/ Provide Contact Information

Baby Pokok.AsiaConnecting for the kids’ sake. Photo Source: iStock

Be sure your childcare provider has your cell phone number and your work number. 

Think of it as having an emergency lifeline. 

For instance, if you unexpectedly forget to drop off your child, your childcare provider can call you right away. 

Imagine you’re stuck in traffic, your child’s daycare is expecting them, and you can’t reach them. 

Having these contact numbers on hand ensures your child’s safety in situations like these. 

It’s like a safety net that’s there when you need it the most


6/ Self-Accountability

Baby Pokok.AsiaStay Engaged with Your Little Ones on the Drive. Photo Source: Parents

Ultimately, the most effective way to prevent leaving your child in the car is to hold yourself personally responsible for their safety.

Actively involve yourself with your child during the journey. 

Make it a habit to talk, sing, or play with them. Be fully aware of their presence in the car. 

This ensures their well-being throughout the ride and significantly reduces the risk of forgetfulness.


A Call to Action

Forgotten Baby Syndrome is no joke. It touches the lives of families from all backgrounds, leaving hearts heavy with sorrow. 

It’s our duty, both as individuals and as a united community, to shield our children from such tragedies. 

By adopting straightforward safety measures, and spreading awareness, we can protect our most precious treasures—our children. 

Let’s pledge to stay watchful, to always double-check our vehicles, and to place the safety of our little ones above all else. 

Only then can we hope to shatter the cycle of heartbreak and ensure our children’s safety.




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