Fire Proof Your Home

Three simple ways to keep a fire from starting in your home

By CS Ming / 14 June 2022

Fire proof your homeYou don’t need to warm your house if there is no house! Source: cctvcameraworld

  • You really need to clean up your mess
  • Living in high places has its problems
  • Some good habits for you to consider

Fire! We love fire, especially when it sits at the end of the candle wick on a dinner table. It is a useful companion when it is small and contained, being able to brown our wagyu steak or dry our feet after a soaking day in the rain. 

But the fire isn’t too much fun when it gets big, right after consuming your house and spitting you out as a charred lump of ashes. Everything needs to exist in moderation, and we have every intention to keep the it small, where it should remain friendly and helpful. 

But this is easier said than done since nobody is interested in having a fire truck come and hose down their house with pressurised water. Now that I mentioned that, it could be fun!

The truth is, a fire breakout is oftentimes caused by negligence, or unless you’re referring to a masked man breaking into your home with a jerry can filled with petrol. Shockingly, it could be you trying to claim insurance money. No? Fine!

Let’s go through some of the tips to prevent a fire from breaking out in your home.


1/ Remove the clutter

Fire Pokok.AsiaClutter equals fire starter. Read that again. Source: abcnews

Who likes to clean their used shirt pile or organise their items. Unless you have OCD, the answer should be a resounding no, because the room gets dirty eventually. It always does! 

The thing is, dirty habits do more than annoy your parents or make you look like a slob. When piled together in a mound, these become fire starters, not unlike those used in camping. Toys are made from plastic and the clothes and books are equally flammable.

By separating them, you create fire breaks that reduce the chance of a flame occurring. Even if it does occur, it is unlikely to spread quickly before dying out due to a lack of fuel from combustion. Time to clean up, slobs!


2/ The higher you are, the harder you fall

Fire Pokok.AsiaNever sacrifice your safety for a nice view. Just get a vacation. Source: popularmechanics

Who doesn’t love to live high up in an apartment, where the view from the balcony is breathtaking and everything below seems to be oh, so small! Does that remind you of those high-end penthouses perched at the top of the residential building? 

Yes, luxurious as they are, living high up in a building is a fire hazard since it is much harder for you to escape. Note the fire safety tip where we don’t use lifts when the emergency alarm is raised. 

Why is that? A sudden power failure could get you trapped between floors, with no way of summoning help. Or else, the lift could open on the floor where the flame is located, due to problems with the lift mechanism or electrics. Both are terrible scenarios.

If you’re planning to live at the top of a tall building, then consider buying a parachute for you and your loved ones. It’s either that or having a helicopter pad installed. You could afford a penthouse, why not a chopper?


3/ Here are some good habits to consider

Fire Pokok.AsiaSmoking at home is equivalent to lighting a match to start a fire. Source: istockphoto

Enough of those talk about luxury and refined living. It is time we get grounded and turn to the landed properties. Is your home made up of wood or cement? Wood is an exquisite material for our interior decor, but having too much of it also means that your home could easily turn into a bonfire.

I love to grill meat, as long as it is not my meat. Just like the clutter in your home, consider clearing the outside of garbage or dirt like dried leaves and rotted wood. Too lazy? Fret not! 

Just sweep them aside and pile them up a distance away from your house. If a grass fire starts nearby, these items next to your home could easily become kindling. The same goes to the dried leaves that have been accumulating atop your roof or in the gutter. 

These could easily burn in hot weather. And god forbids if the roof tiles are made from flammable materials. Oh and one more, you really need to stop smoking…inside your home. You really shouldn’t be smoking in the first place, but let’s add fire hazards to the already long list of reasons why you shouldn’t smoke in the first place.


Mastering the flames

There is a time and place for a fire, and we, as masters of it, should be the one who decides when and where it happens. Either that or we will find ourselves in a most unfortunate situation. If you have all these aforementioned things covered, then you should have no trouble having a good night’s sleep. Strange, why do I smell something burning?


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