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By Editor / 24 March 2022


SleepI desperately wish I’m in dreamland right now. Source: Andisheh A

  • Happy sleeping day everyone!
  • Need help to sleep?
  • Mattresses that would defeat any baby rocking chairs.

Did you guys know that last Friday, 18th March was World Sleep Day. Yeah, I know I’m late and to be honest, I was celebrating and overslept that day, thus, I couldn’t finish this article on time. And since the next following days were the weekend, I decided to continue celebrating. 

In case you didn’t know about this celebration, let me give you a short brief. World Sleep Day is the day where we celebrate sleeping and take the initiative of understanding the importance of good quality sleep. The whole purpose of this day is to bring awareness of preventing and managing society’s problems with sleeping disorders.

SleepSo long and goodnight, so long and goodnight. Source: Adi Goldstein


Ah Boy! Go to Sleep Now!

It is common knowledge that sleeping for 7 to 9 hours is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example, getting a good night’s rest will help you maintain or lose weight, so you don’t have to religiously do that keto diet. Plus, it helps improve your productivity and protect your immune system.

Who knew that we could prevent Covid-19 by doing nothing. Hey, are you actually getting enough sleep? Be honest cause even I’m guilty of it. Well, if you have insomnia like me, thankfully, here are some useful tips to help us go to bed. 

How to Sleep Soundly:

The first tip is to live like a plant. What you must do is be surrounded by light during the day and get less exposure to light during nighttime. Our body has mechanisms that identify when it is day and night, and it schedules our slumber time based on light exposure. Although it’s scary to stay in the dark for a few hours, just give it a try!

I think we both know that consuming caffeine very late in the day will disturb your beauty sleep. As much as that cappuccino is the best to-go drink, we have to give it up for the greater good. Late-night Maggi is also a big NO. Eating late at night would disturb your sleep hormones. Plus, you don’t want to wake up looking bloated, right?


Sleep Pokok.AsiaSleeping Beauty sounds like a dream job. Source: Lux Graves

The last tip: please do yourself a favour and get good quality mattresses. I admit that everyone’s definition of comfort is different, but a few ways could help you distinguish what is the best mattress for you.

There are three types of sleeping positions, and usually, there would be one specific position that we would choose by default. So which one are you; the back, side or stomach sleeper? Knowing this is important because it can help narrow down your options.


Sleep Pokok.AsiaFirmness scale where the lowest number is the softest and the highest number is the firmest. Source: Casper

Sleep enthusiasts have made a firm scale of a mattress, and you might have seen this scale while window shopping before. Not sure which one to choose? If you are a side sleeper like me, the ideal scales would be between 3-6, while 4-7 would be nice for does who lay on their back.

For those who lay on their stomach, 5-7 is the perfect scale. If you don’t know exactly what type of sleeper you are because whenever you wake you, you’ll be in the weirdest positions, then I suggest scales between 5-6 is just right. 

You are probably indecisive about which brands you should get, right? I mean there are probably thousands of options that you could choose from. Fear not, because down below, I have listed a few wonderful mattress brands that will help you sleep like a baby.

Mattresses That Even a Pea Won’t Bother Your Slumber


1/ Compass Star Mattress by Getha

Sleep Pokok.AsiaFor those of you who have really bad eczema or allergic reactions, this eco-friendly mattress would secure your comfort and safety from those terrible germs and mites. This protective mattress includes technology that will shield you from radiation. It has a medium-firm firmness that would ensure that every type of sleeper will dream of happy things. 

Check them out here!


2/ Sporst RedTex by SweetDream

Sleep Pokok.Asia

Want to support local businesses? Then SweetDream is the answer for you. They offer the Tex with a firm scale of 5 that anyone could enjoy. It’s the perfect mattress for those who would wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot and sweaty as it is made with fabrics that ensure the bed stays cool and fresh no matter the weather.

Check them out here!

3/ Identity 65 by Naturenite

Sleep Pokok.Asia

This luxurious mattress is made out of 100% latex and has a Medium Firmness that suits all Malaysians. Not only does it prevent awful, nasty dust mites from attacking you, but it also helps to fix your spinal alignment so that you won’t wake up with a backache in the morning. This amazing mattress is strong and durable that even if your partner is constantly moving in their sleep, you won’t even realise that and keep dreaming.

Check them out here!


4/ Perfect 3 by Dreamland

Sleep Pokok.Asia

Scared of seeing a chiropractor for your back pain? I too would be scared if someone were to crack my body like a glowstick. But the good news for you, Dreamland provides a special mattress that is chiropractor-approved made out of Chiro Miracoil. Love the pun by the way! Miracoil is the best spring system out there and will help you fix your posture when you go to sleep. It has all the sizes of mattresses so you can use this fantastic mattress according to your needs.

Check them out here!

5/ TempSmart 5.0 by Slumberland

Sleep Pokok.Asia

Now here’s some exciting news for you. Slumberland has just released a new mattress line that will ensure you can’t wait to go back home and sleep. With 5 different mattresses that have different types of firmness, you are for sure to find the most suitable one for you. This hot item has a mixture of horsehair, latex and a ventilation case which is the perfect recipe so that you would feel cool and comfortable. So what are you waiting for? 

Go and check them out here!


Are You Sleeping, Brother John?

I should really stop with my nagging and let you sleep now. Take some rest because you did a good job surviving today. You deserve it and I’m proud of you. Good night and sweet dreams everybody!


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