Lullaby For Your Sleep In Different Forms

Music and sounds to listen to for better sleep.

By Kumaraguru / 17 March 2022

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A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is needed for your body to function well. Source: Power Of Positivity

  • If you are having difficulties sleeping at night, here are some suggestions that will change your life.
  • Be informed of what to listen to before bed to promise a healthy sleeping cycle. 

Music is art, and music is therapeutic! As we all know, listening to music is physically and psychologically beneficial.  But how is listening to music related to a good night’s sleep? Well, it’s time to crack the damn code!

Music has the power to control the body’s mechanism, especially those relaxing ones.  It helps lower blood pressure and lower heart rate to an acceptable state. Through this, our body tends to fall asleep easily. Apart from that, music can generally ease stress and calm down quicker than ever. This also helps in dealing with anxieties and stabilizes a person’s thoughts. 

Now the question is, what kind of music is the best fit for the scenario? Not every music or sound effect is a calming agent, and some may even give you adrenaline rushes. It’s time to learn what types of music that can actually make you fall asleep like a newborn baby.


Nature Sounds

The sound of wilderness is precisely what you need to hear before going to bed. Listening to a constant hymn of nature sounds can easily make you dive into a calming state of mind. The sound of nature, such as the birds chirping, the howling of the wind, and the wilderness’s noise, are categorized as non-threatening noises. 

Thus, when the brain interprets such music, it tends to sway towards outward-focused attention. Meanwhile, inward-focused attention is usually associated with depression, stress and anxiety. In this case, we are trying to be as distant as possible from it. 

When we invest in outward-focused attention, we will be able to divert our minds to focus on the sounds around us rather than having a complexion with our inner thoughts. In a way, it’s an escape from the chaos happening within us. 

Researchers also found that our nervous system will experience a more relaxed state listening to nature’s sounds, which directly promotes a better sleeping mechanism. It can be said that nature can truly do wonders for us! 


Forest And Nature Sounds 10 Hours

Tropical Rainforest Ambience


Water Sounds

“As calm as still waters” but with a bit of twist in it whereby the running water gives you calmness instead. The sound of the rain, flowing streams, waterfalls and even the ocean waves are ultimately relaxing to the ears, mind and soul!

A variation of water moving sounds can trick the brain into achieving serenity. Let your thoughts wander as freely as the flow of water. Let it be as shapeless as the waters with no constraints to comply with. Drown in a soothing state accompanied by the wonders of rhythmic water sounds to indulge in a good night’s sleep, which works better than ever.


Relaxing Sleep Music With Rain Sounds

Fall Asleep To Calm And Relaxing Rain


White Noise

White noise basically sounds with different frequencies played in the same amplitude. The most iconic example is the static noise in television. Remember falling asleep in front of your television when the stations sign off, leaving a rushing, static screen playing continuously? Yes, I bet you have had a good sleep back then. 

When sounds are played in a constant amplitude, it creates an even stream of sound that can mask the surrounding sounds. It is also proven that it is unlikely to be awakened by external noises due to the significant masking effect of white noise. Research shows that patients in hospitals often sleep with such noises, which helps them get enough rest even in busy and noisy hospital environments.

It is highly advisable to play white noises in the background before tucking yourself to bed. The positive effects of a fixed static noise would start kicking in on a gradual process. Well, all you have to do is wait for the magic to happen. Your dreamland could be a white noise away! 


Sleep Sounds Deep White Noise

White Noise Black Screen

Sleep Pokok.Asia

Say goodbye to interrupted sleep. Source: Sleep Foundation

Pink Noise

When the amplitude of a sound decreases by half every time the frequency doubles, pink noise is produced. The higher the frequency, the lower the intensity, whereas the lower the frequency, the higher the intensity. Listening to leaves rustling in the tree and waves crashing on the beach are ideally the most apparent examples of pink noise. 

Studies suggest that pink noise can reduce brain wave activity. In other words, it can put the brain under a sleeping spell. Therefore, add pink noises to your sleep routine and get ready to experience a deep sleep like no other. In addition to that, pink noise doesn’t only aid in sleeping better but also boost memory recall. Killing two birds with one stone, I would say! 

So, desire to increase your sleeping duration and improve your sleeping quality? Start listening to pink noises before going to bed!


Natural Pink Noises

Pink Noise For Sleep

Relaxing Songs

Last but not least, you can never go wrong with relaxing songs. Choose your song genres wisely before bed to guarantee yourself a peaceful night’s sleep. You might as well start snoring in your wonderland.

Good choices of songs are equivalent to reading or listening to the most suitable bedtime stories. If the songs can calm your racing mind, then it’s bingo! Let it be classical or even piano ballads; the effects will always be the same.

Besides, The National Sleep Foundation also recommended people to listen to relaxing songs with slow rhythms, between 60 to 80 beats per minute. Sounds calming already, isn’t it?Songs are not only a partner that can hype you up during your best days and lend you a shoulder during your sad eras.

They can also be a blanket that wraps you at night, helping you take a notch down and experience relaxation at its best. A good playlist is all you need, my friend!


Chill Songs Playlist

Songs To Fall Asleep Listening To

Sleep Pokok.AsiaWaking up energized is a sign that you had a good night’s sleep. Source: St.Gregory Recovery Center

Sleep Better Tonight

“I am so good at sleeping I can do it with my eyes closed.”

Start listening to sounds and songs that beat the same as your heart. Studies show that listening to music for 30-45 minutes before bed every night for 3 months can help one with a healthier sleeping schedule.

Well, a steady heart rate and a decrease in stress hormones sound like an ideal way to call it a day, huh! Adios to the days that you spent rolling on your bed sleeplessly. Now, you may hit the sack with confidence, good luck!

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