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5 Bathroom Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

By Demie Makamache / 15 December 2021

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  • Are you struggling to juggle functionality and aesthetics when upgrading your bathroom?
  • We have listed mistakes you should avoid to create the bathroom of your dreams
  • Read on for more!


If there is anything that I have always been particular about when going anywhere, it is the bathroom. For sure, it’s a beautiful staycation, but the bathroom? Great views but the bathroom? I would love to spend the night over, but the bathroom. I don’t mean to be fussy or too demanding, but your bathroom babes?


And I am not sure if you can relate to this, but bathrooms are a safe haven to me. Especially if you consider the insane amount of time I spent there (Tiktok and Instagram reels shall be the death of me one day!) I just need everything to be…perfect, if that makes sense?


Now I understand designing anything takes a lot of planning, preparation and effort. And sometimes, our excitement gets in the way where we forget the practicality of the place. I mean, I can’t really blame you, not with the millions of options Pinterest will be throwing our way to the point where we want every design style out there!


Which begs the question: how do you determine whether that terrazzo you have been eyeing will go with the bathroom’s overall look or not? Will that stunning freestanding bathtub fit in your bathroom? You may be flooded with so many questions about how to design a bathroom, but fortunately for you, that is precisely why we are here. Read on to learn about common bathroom mistakes and how to avoid them! 


1/ Get fixtures that fit! 

Don't Pokok.AsiaGet fixtures that will fit the space in your bathroom to avoid overcrowdedness. Source: Real homes


I know we all dream of having the bathroom of our dreams with a grand vanity, even more, a splendid tub, and top-of-the-range faucet, but sometimes the available space might not be enough. Always remember to work with what you have. The measuring tape is your best friend; measure every inch of your bathroom, and ensure your desired fixtures fit in the space because crowded bathrooms are a no-no, besties! 


2/ Have proper storage options

Don't Pokok.AsiaStorage is always a must-have for any space. Source: Douglas & Jones 


I want to introduce you to someone special named Demie. Demie is designing her bathroom and has a soft spot for anything minimalist. In trying to keep the design aesthetics, Demie forgets all about the practical uses and does not bother thinking about storage. Of course, she regretted it when she started using the bathroom because who can survive without storage? So the moral of the story is; don’t be Demie. 


To create a beautiful and functional space, you should consider having a medicine cabinet with built-in cabinets near the sink or toilet. You can also include lights, electrical outlets and integrated mirrors to satisfy both visual and functional aspects. Other clever storage hacks include mounting a towel rack, using adhesive hooks for tools, and installing discreet storage racks. 


3/ Shiny floors are nice, but they are slippery too!

Don't Pokok.AsiaGlossy floors are usually slippery, and you don’t want that for your bathroom. Source: Tile Mountain


To avoid bruises and aches, stay away from shiny floors. We know they look good; I mean, who doesn’t like a shiny floor, but they can do more harm than good, especially in a bathroom setup. 


Bathroom floors often get wet and slippery, and that can easily turn into a safety hazard, so we recommend you opt for rough or matte tiles instead of slick ones to avoid accidents. If that is not an option, then you can consider installing washable rugs held in place with carpet tape. 


4/ Good lighting is a must!

Don't Pokok.AsiaAdding multiple sources of lighting can add to the ambience of a bathroom. Source: Paradyz


Poorly lit bathrooms should be considered an atrocity against humankind because no one wants to shower in the dark. Ever!  


However, despite being important, people often neglect the power of good lighting and rely on only one source. To create the perfect Instagrammable bathroom, try having additional lamps or strip lights near the mirror or close to the shower zone. If you do not have a window or any source where natural light can filter through, investing in light fixtures will help immensely. 


5/ Tone down on the colours

Don't Pokok.AsiaVibrant shades of colour can add life to a bathroom when used carefully. Source: Architectural Digest


If your overall goal is not to have a confetti party every time you use your bathroom, try avoiding themed bathrooms with too many colours. Colourful bathrooms can be fun and might be a way of expressing one’s creativity, but you might end up feeling overwhelmed instead of calm as a result. 


Adding pops of colour through art is a cheaper alternative than having to replace your vibrant tiles, tubs, and sinks. Remember, your bathroom should be your place of zen; go for more inviting shades instead. 


It never was easy, to begin with

Designing anything takes a whole lever of patience, expertise and planning to see the final outcome. You might meet some stumbling blocks here and there, but don’t feel too bad. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a single day. Careful planning will save you from spending too much money, or time on a particular feature and with these tips, you are sure on your way to creating the perfect bathroom. Happy learning, folks!


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