Creating Green Spaces for Comfortable Living

Property planning is important but what about landscape?

By Nurul Dina / 13 August 2021
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Realise that landscape planning is essential; Image via Chuttersnap

If icing beautifies a boring looking cake, then proper landscape planning that takes your breath away is the “icing” that’ll leave a beautifying touch to a property. Sure, building a home that’s unique and looks different from any other development in town may be rewarding. But would you want to stay at a location with nothing to admire but the four walls in your house? 

Now, a fantastic landscape adds value to your property and it’s significant to the environment for various reasons. Briefly, it’s all about developing wonderful cities, streets, parks, and public spaces that promote healthy living and welfare while conserving natural environments and people.

This matter has gained immense popularity over the years, especially with the type of climate we have in this country as well the awful climate change we’re experiencing in the past few years. Hence we’re called to shed some light on this topic and share with you the reasons why developers should pay more attention to their landscape planning. 


Food for Your Mental Health
green space Pokok.Asia
Spend quality time and reduce stress around nature; Image via Familius 

There are so many things going on in the world right now. And the last thing you want is to be in an environment that leaves you feeling stressed even more! Plus, with the never-ending instruction to remain cooped up at home, we’re all yearning for some time around nature when human interactions are almost impossible at the moment. 

Therefore, basking in nature for a while can have a positive effect on your mood and state of mind. Doing more of this can help with boosting your productivity by increasing your confidence and focus levels. Essentially, leave more green spaces for people to enjoy and in return, they’ll thank you for taking care of their psychological wellness.


Save Mother Earth!
green space Pokok.Asia
Build a home for you and Mother Earth; Image via Alexander Abero

If we’re taking care of ourselves, we have to be as loving to Mother Earth too!

Where urban landscaping is concerned, it’s a wonderful element when you’re looking into purifying the air, the water and the soil in your location. How? Let me bring you back to your middle school science lesson that you may or may not have paid attention to. 

So, plants absorb CO2 and release oxygen into the atmosphere and that process helps in protecting us from excessive heat and cold, gives shade, and helps to reduce noise pollution. Talk about wholesome living right?

If you’re not convinced, here is what experts have to say about the importance of landscape planning for our environment – “Trees can remove as much as a quarter of the particulate matter pollution within a few hundred yards, and when planted in the right places, can offer a very effective barrier, filtering bad air and protecting local residents.” 


Hot Days Are Alleviated 
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Desa ParkCity prioritises great landscaping; Image via EdgeProp

I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, I’m part of the “I don’t sweat a lot” club. But if you are, don’t worry sweating isn’t bad at all as it’s your body’s way of releasing toxins. Anyway, the point I’m trying to put across is, this will assist in making the weather less hot! So no more sweaty armpits or bad hair day because of the awful humidity. 

Just plant plenty of trees and let nature be your air-conditioner, one that will not shock you when your electricity bill comes in next month! Thus, if you’re planning to build your next project in an urban area, then this is a crucial aspect to look into because concrete structures generate heat, and their density prevents green spaces from being created.

So what you want to be doing is creating “Pocket parks.” This is an excellent option in this situation, in which they provide shade from the sun as well as a pleasant place to be in a busy metropolitan environment. 


Instagram Worthy Space 
green space Pokok.Asia
Beautiful landscape at The Arc; Image via Bandar Rimbayu 

Pictures or it didn’t happen!

As you already know, social media is a powerful platform to promote yourself and your brand. So imagine your homeowners taking pictures around the neighbourhood, post them up on their accounts and tag the location? Just think about the exposure you ought to get if hundreds of homeowners do the same. 

On top of that, this is your time to appreciate the beauty of plants and how they can naturally provide aesthetically shaped spaces without having to wreck your brain thinking about ideas that may or may not work. The variety of colours, shapes and sizes will do an amazing job in enhancing your space.  


Start Planning Now

Essentially, don’t sleep on the power of greeneries. 

The idea of proper landscaping shows you that you don’t have to travel far into the woods to hug a tree and interact with nature. We can safeguard the environment and live in peace with our natural resources right here in our cities.

Landscape design is expanding as a rapidly increasing field as the globe strives for more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in all sectors. We hope that this has helped you understand the significance of landscape architecture in our lives.


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