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By Jimmy / 22 February 2024

productivityThe road to success begins in the early hours. Photo Source: TheLadders 

  • Starting the day at 5 AM opens up a new perspective on life – waking up with the sun, feeling the gentle kiss of grace on your rejuvenated skin, and setting the tone for happier, healthier, and more daily productivity. 

As we start the year on a high note, I hope those who have planned out their resolutions have listed ‘being an early bird’ as one of them.

Not to drag anyone, but I understand the difficulty of waking up early, constantly clicking the snooze button – all just to have ‘a few more minutes of sleep,’ which is never the case!

The saying ‘The early bird catches the worm’ is figurative but quite literal. Being part of the 5 AM gang puts you in the big league.

That league consists of people who are organised, have set plans, and never complain about not having enough time on their hands.

Who would not want to be a part of that?

Rebrand – change your body clock, foster productivity, and enjoy all the time in the world!


1/ Increased Productivity 

productivity Pokok.AsiaIncreased Productivity brings wins to life.  Photo Source: Entrepreneur 

I used to wonder how people could use up the entire day and still manage to get everything done without rescheduling.

No matter how full their plate was, tasks were completed.

That’s when I discovered the secrets of waking up at 5 AM; checking everything off the to-do list was possible.

Adding this to your morning or self-care routine transforms you into a superhuman.

How cool is that? No rushing or pressure. Increased productivity allows for a clear, fresh mind without distractions.

And that’s because you made time to work out, meditate, reflect, plan, and enjoy your time.

With this new routine, you make your personal and office life more manageable. It’s a consistency that helps you thrive and excel in quality time.

Put faith in this; many of you may still disagree, but doing this may unlock a side of you that you never knew existed.


2/ Time Management 

productivity Pokok.AsiaTime is a created thing, a suggestion in other words. Photo Source: Mtrading 

Waking up at 5 AM gives you the luxury of proactive planning, availing ample time in your day and making it easier to get a lot done. 

This involves creating a successful plan of action, prioritising tasks, and visualising your day. Getting up early fosters a disciplined mindset that lasts the entire day. Who would not want that?

In a perfect world, you become a superhuman with extraordinary abilities. You’ve come a long way already, even before the rest of the world wakes up. The 5 AM routine encourages unmatched productivity, turning every early morning into an investment in a well-lived day. It’s more than just a wake-up call.

Just imagine how much you’d accomplish in a day. INSANE!

Consider being double-booked on a day when you have to spend time with loved ones, colleagues, and pets. This routine allows you to make it to every single plan, and no one has to suffer from unequal time spent. 

Everyone close to you gets to experience you wholeheartedly and equally. While the concept of time may be a suggestion, I suggest you try this out!


3/ Mental Wellbeing 

productivity Pokok.AsiaEquilibrium is found within centres your whole life. The Photo Source:Online 

Ever wondered why successful people rise at 5 AM and affirm? It’s not just about witnessing the beautiful sunrise; it’s a mental health game-changer!

The tranquillity of 5 AM makes it the perfect time to start the day, promoting mindfulness and inner calm.

Early risers benefit from fewer external distractions, leading to increased concentration and productivity. The sunrise triggers a boost in mood-improving chemicals.

This results in a happier and healthier mind, achievable by establishing a healthy morning routine. Because your mental health deserves the embrace of the early morning!

There’s something about maintaining sanity and redefining your mental state that truly enhances our days.

Believe me; set your alarm, relish the sunrise symphony, and watch the magic happen!”


4/ Better Sleep 

productivity Pokok.AsiaNothing like a wonderful night’s rest for a blissful morning. Photo Source: Everydayhealth 

The commitment we all struggle with, or the fear of missing out, often leads us to forfeit sleep. Trust me; you’re not missing anything but the incredible benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Getting up at 5 AM is not just a commitment to the early morning; it’s a contract with your body for restorative sleep. This new cycle starts to synchronise with your body clock.

Your internal clock adjusts to the rising sun, marking the beginning of the day and controlling your sleep-wake cycles.

Embracing the early hours helps you establish a regular wake time, encouraging your body to settle into a consistent rhythm.

The peace that accompanies the early morning provides a calm start, reducing tension and anxiety that can interfere with sleep.

Exposure to natural light during the day helps regulate your body’s melatonin production, responsible for sleep.

All of this allows for greater and better sleep!

I can’t be the only one interested.


Set that Alarm!

Imagine a different life this year—try new things, and set a different tone for the year. I believe incorporating this into your life will reshape your perspective, organising it for the better. We can’t always stick to the familiar; sometimes, it’s okay to take a leap and get comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s not easy, but it’s undoubtedly the best decision you can make—taking control into your own hands and becoming your own hero.

Seize life, wake up with the glory of the sunrise, and start your day with an uplifted mood. To those struggling to find their purpose, maybe the 5 AM routine is the first step to guide you toward it!


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