Beautiful DIY Terrarium At Home

Green nature inside your house!

/ May 21, 2021

Image via Rural Sprout

  • A terrarium is easy to make and low maintenance.
  • Steps on how to make one yourself at home. 

When was the last time you were in nature? Have you forgotten the scent of wet soils and the symphony of natural sounds?

We all have been staying indoors for a very long period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most people are stressed out and are craving for green nature. Therefore, why don’t we bring nature to ourselves, by crafting a terrarium and placing it anywhere in your house.


Image via FlowerAura

The terrarium is easier to be taken care of compared to other potted plants. With only a little amount of water supplied once in a time and sufficient sunlight that penetrates through the transparent wall of the terrarium, a self-sustained miniature environment for plants will be created.

Now, let’s start to make one!


Image via Popular Mechanics

We will be making a closed terrarium today, as for the materials and tools needed are easy to find and inexpensive, which are:

  1. A glass container, or anything that has a transparent wall and an opening. The size of the container depends on how big you want your terrarium to be.
  2. A large spoon or garden trowel.
  3. Some small stones/gravels.
  4. Sheet moss and active charcoal can be found at a nursery or pet supply store.
  5. Some terrarium plants that you like, such as small ferns, club moss and others. Here is an article about the most suitable plants to grow in your terrarium.
  6. Some potting soils.
  7. Decorative elements are optional.


Here are some online supplies stores which you can buy the necessary tools and materials:

  1. Terrarium World
  2. Tiny Forest
  3. Ohsum Mossum and Shrubbery Shop

Image via The Lush Lily


Now, we can start to build your very own terrarium!

Image via TheSpruce


Firstly, get yourself a glass container or jar. Rinse and clean both the inner and outer surfaces to remove any dust or dirt, then wipe it before the next step.

Image via TheSpruce


Put a layer of sheet moss at the bottom of the terrarium. You may also put in a 5 cm layer of stones alternatively. This drainage layer is to prevent the roots of the plant from soaking in the water. After adding the drainage layer, by using a large spoon or garden trowel, add 1 cm to 2 cm layer of active charcoal to control the odor and aid the drainage.

Image via TheSpruce


Next, add a layer of sheet moss before adding the potting soils. The sheet moss will prevent the mixing of soils and drainage layers. The amount of soils needed to add depends on the height of the terrarium, make sure that there is a gap between plants and the top of the terrarium.

Image via TheSpruce

Prepare your desired plants by pruning the roots and shaking off any remaining dirt. Dig holes according to each size of the plants and place each plant in its hole carefully. Pave the surface of the soils with a spoon or trowel after all plants are placed. You may further decorate it with some coloured stones or figurines that matched the theme of your terrarium.


Image via TheSpruce

Here comes the one last step before you seal your terrarium, sprinkles some water on the plants, make sure the soil is just damp instead of soaking wet. Finally, wipe off any water droplets or dirt that stuck onto the glass and seal the opening of the terrarium.


Image via TheSpruce

Click this YouTube link for the tutorial:

Image via The New York Times

Below are some tips about how to maintain your terrarium:

  1. For a closed terrarium, open the lid of the terrarium at least once a month for the exchange of air.
  2. Only water the plants when the soil is dry and if too much water is added accidentally, open the lid until the condensation disappears.
  3. Remove fallen leaves and prune plants if they grow excessively.

Image via Crate and Barrel Canada

Having a terrarium is actually super beneficial to us!

Terrarium needs only minor maintenance and the plants could survive any weather and season while living in the glass paradise of your creation. Besides, a working or studying environment full of green plants will help to reduce stress and even boost your productivity!

Other than that, crafting a terrarium could be your new relaxing indoor hobby where you can fully utilize your potential creativity. The terrarium that you have created could be a new decorative item for your home or even a perfect gift for someone you would like to give to!

Hope you enjoy making your own DIY terrarium at home with family members. Feel free to share it with us on our Instagram and Facebook!

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