No-Fuss, Budget-Savvy Garden Hacks

By Aira / 17 January 2024


healtheir plantsThe fruity secret to happy, thriving healthier plants. Photo Source: Freepik

During the COVID lockdown, I had more free time at home and not much to do. That’s when I discovered the world of gardening. I found peace in taking care of my backyard, surrounded by green plants. What started as a hobby soon became a strong passion. Seeing my plants thrive was amazing.

My dedication to gardening paid off. My once-empty backyard is now full of colourful flowers and healthy leaves. With the knowledge and insights I’ve gained, I want to help others. I believe anyone can enjoy gardening, even if they’re busy. My journey from a beginner to a gardening lover has inspired me to assist others in starting their own gardening journey, making it easy and enjoyable for everyone.

1/ Banana Water 

healthier plantsBoost your garden’s growth with banana peels! Photo Source: bobvila

Let’s explore one of the easiest gardening hacks – banana peels! Instead of throwing them away, why not use them to give your plants a boost? Banana peels are like a natural multivitamin for your garden, full of essential nutrients, especially potassium, which your plants absolutely love. Think of it as the special sauce for growing strong, healthy roots.

Using banana peels in your garden couldn’t be simpler. Just chop the peels into small pieces and scatter them around the base of your plants. As they decompose, these peels gradually release potassium, enriching the soil and creating the ideal conditions for your plants to thrive. But that’s not all! This natural method also attracts earthworms and beneficial microorganisms, taking your garden’s health to a whole new level.

By using banana peels for your plants, you’re not only choosing an effortless and green solution but also giving your garden a turbo boost. These magical peels enhance your soil, waving pests goodbye, and all the while, you’re playing your part in environmental care.


2/ Rice Water 

healthier plants Pokok.AsiaRice water magic for a thriving garden! Photo Source: Seattlegardenfruit 

Using the water left over from washing rice is a great idea to help your plants. When we cook rice, we often rinse it a few times to get rid of extra stuff. Instead of pouring this water down the drain, you can use it in your garden to make your plants healthier.

Rice water is like a natural plant booster because it’s full of things that plants love. It has carbs, vitamins, and minerals that act like plant food. This can make your garden plants stronger, with sturdy stems and lush green leaves.

Using rice water for your plants is easy. After rinsing your rice, let the water cool, and then use it to water your garden. The rice water feeds your plants and makes the soil better. It also helps friendly microorganisms grow, making your garden even happier. 


3/ Eggshells and White Vinegar

healthier plants Pokok.AsiaEggshell wonders in the garden!  Photo Source: Pinterest 

Crushed eggshells act as armour for your plants, making them strong to fight off bugs and diseases. When you add these eggshells to your garden soil, it’s like giving your plants a slow and steady supply of calcium to grow big and strong.

But the real magic happens when you mix them with white vinegar. The vinegar helps your plants use the calcium in the eggshells. It breaks down the eggshells, so the calcium becomes easier for your plants to absorb. This is super helpful for plants that need extra calcium, like tomatoes, or if your soil is too sour.

It’s easy to do – soak your crushed eggshells in white vinegar for a few days, then mix it with water and use it to water your plants. This simple trick gives your garden an extra boost of calcium, keeping your plants healthy and strong.


4/ Coffee Grounds 

healthier plants Pokok.AsiaCoffee grounds: Your garden’s best friend! Photo Source: hunker 

Coffee grounds are like a gardening treasure that can do wonders for your plants and garden’s health.  

Coffee grounds are full of important nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, which are like natural plant vitamins. When you mix them into the soil, they slowly release these nutrients, giving your plants a steady supply of food. This boost helps plants grow strong roots, healthy leaves, and beautiful flowers.

Coffee grounds also enhance your soil’s quality. They help it retain moisture, ensuring your plants stay well-hydrated, while also aiding excess water drainage during heavy rains. This ensures that plant roots can access the water and nutrients they require. Additionally, coffee grounds act as a magnet for beneficial microorganisms in the soil, which break down organic matter and further enrich your plants’ surroundings.


5/ Garlic and Onion Spray

healthier plants Pokok.AsiaRepelling pests with homemade garlic and onion spray! Photo Source: Youtube

Making your own pest spray with garlic, onion, and water is a smart gardening idea. It’s a natural and budget-friendly way to help your plants grow and keep pests away. Garlic and onions have a strong smell that bugs don’t like, so it’s like a natural bug repellent for your garden.

To make this spray, blend some garlic and a small onion with water. After blending, strain the liquid to remove any solid bits. Then, mix it with more water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it on your plants, especially on the undersides of leaves. The strong smell of garlic and onion will keep many pests from bothering your plants.

This spray not only protects your plants but also helps your garden stay healthy without using any harmful chemicals. It’s a simple and money-saving way to make your plants grow while keeping your garden green and happy. 


6/ Natural Weed Killer 

healthier plants Pokok.AsiaWeed-Free, Worry-Free! A natural solution for a happier garden. Photo Source: getgreenbewell

Making your own weed killer from vinegar, salt, and dish soap is a smart gardening move. It’s a cheap and nature-friendly way to get rid of weeds and help your plants grow nicely. The vinegar kills the weeds, and the salt dries them out.

To make this mixture, put vinegar, salt, and a little dish soap in a spray bottle. Then, spray it on the weeds in your garden. It works best on a sunny day when the sun can help out.

This natural weed killer is a great way to have a weed-free garden and let your plants grow strong without spending too much money. It’s a wise choice for a healthier garden and happier plants.


Save on Your Garden

I hope these gardening hacks help everyone who needs them. The best thing is, they won’t cost you a lot of money. You can save your money while making your garden healthier and more beautiful. Gardening can be a fun and budget-friendly activity, and with these hacks, you can have a great garden without spending too much. Let’s make gardening more affordable and enjoyable for everyone!

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