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By Prevelinaa Suresh / 15 November 2023

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  • Parenting isn’t always smooth sailing, and we all know it! 
  • Here are 5 essential parenting tips that’ll improve your parent-child relationship.
  • Get to know how these 6 parents tackle their parenting issues.


Be it expecting couples, new parents, or even those with teens, they all have that one question that will constantly linger on their minds – “Am I doing my best as a parent?”

Firstly, if you’re a parent, kudos to you! Raising a child is never an easy task, yet it’s one of the most fulfilling ones out there! Most people enter parenthood feeling nervous or unprepared, but why? 

Truthfully, being a good parent has nothing to do with perfection. As long as you’re doing everything in the best interest of your child, you’re already acing parenthood! However, parenting styles may vary according to families, but they ultimately share the same focus.

So, today we’d like to help all you wonderful parents out there by sharing a few essential parenting tips that will hopefully benefit you and your kids. 


1/ Be a good role model 

ParentingMother and father are smiling at the baby. Source: MindChamps

This is the most important tip of them all! Parents have immediate influence over their kids, so it’s up to you how you want to appear in their eyes — a hero or zero? 

Having said that, we understand every parent intends on raising a kind, loving, and responsible child. However, only preaching about it doesn’t work. The best way to instil good qualities and values in your kids is to walk the talk. Remember, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

If you display bad behaviour, then it is only just that your kids reflect them. If that happens, you’ll be in no position to correct them because you would be the source of the problem! Hence, it is vital to always self-assess and fix your shortcomings before teaching them to behave right. 

Your kids are almost like surveillance cameras because they’re always watching you. Exemplary parents raise exemplary kids, so remember to be the best version of yourself because the cameras are on the go!


2/ Appreciate good behaviours     

ParentingFather enjoying a happy moment while carrying his two children. Source: Unsplash 

“You can do 99 good things, but others will only remember the one mistake you did”, this is something that we commonly hear or experience. But this concept should not be the case for your children.

Parents should notice and appreciate all their kids’ good acts, even the slightest ones because a small token of encouragement or a few sweet words of appreciation could do wonders in boosting their spirits. On top of that, you should also explain the positive consequences of their actions as reinforcement. 

As for their mistakes and bad behaviour, parents should not constantly taunt them about it. That doesn’t mean we should overlook it either, so the best way to deal with their mistakes is to explain why they shouldn’t repeat them and their negative consequences. Paying sole attention to their mistakes will only feed them negativity. 

Let’s be honest; we all hate it when people constantly address our shortcomings, so let’s not do the same to our children! 


3/ Be available for your kids 

ParentingFamily of four sharing gleeful smiles while watching TV together. Source: Parentlane 

Being a working parent is not easy because finding a proper balance between work and family is challenging. But if there’s one thing you have to remember, it’s that you can dedicate your working hours to your job, but ensure that you set aside your after office hours and weekends for your family. 

That is because, as a parent, you need to spend enough time with your children to establish a healthy bond. Yes, even 10 minutes of quality time can make a whole lot of difference to your kids.

It’s actually not that complex. You just need to show your kids that you’re there and will always be. A simple call to check on them during your lunch break, helping them with homework, or watching a movie together, is enough to make them realise it. 

Psst, don’t forget to have your me-time as well! 


4/ Practice good communication

ParentingFather is laughing joyfully at something while son looks on. Source: Parents 

Good communication is the foundation for any relationship. In order to create a safe haven for your children, as a parent, you should help them open up to you instead of suppressing their thoughts and feelings. 

Being overly strict and disciplined with children will only make them feel uncomfortable and oppressed. Because your children usually look for a friend in their parents, let your guard down and be more friendly with them. Just like how they spill all their tea to their friends, they’ll do the same with you in no time! 

It doesn’t have to be an hour of sitting down to speak about their feelings; even small talks and jokes can do the trick. Families should normalise talking about their day during dinner and making time to share their children’s happiness and worries. On an important note, if your kids open up to you about their mistakes, patiently advise them instead of lashing out. 

Good communication will strengthen your parent-child bond that could lead to an overall positive impact on your entire family!


5/ Give kids their space 

ParentingThree children are smiling happily as they run down the street. Source: Freepik 

Truth be told, didn’t we all wish we had a little more freedom as a kid? It doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an adult; we all need our personal space. So as a parent, you need to ensure that you’re giving your kids the space they need. 

It’s undeniable that parents should keep tabs on their children’s activities and circle; however, being too controlling or curious may seem intrusive. Your kids may end up feeling restrained and unheard. 

Children shift towards individuation as they mature and will love to explore their boundaries or seek new experiences,  which is totally normal! Parents should give their kids a taste of freedom and responsibilities, but of course, under parental supervision. Through this, children will learn the natural consequences of their actions and also gain responsibility.

Having personal spaces will also lead to a journey of self-discovery. Your kids will learn about their likes, dislikes, and even personal boundaries. So dear parents, relax and let your little ones explore a little! 


Baby steps

As stated earlier, parenthood is definitely not easy! It can be confusing and overwhelming but do not allow that to deter you from pursuing the ultimate goal; raising happy individuals!  

Self-introspection and fulfilling heart-to-hearts with the little ones will give you room to analyse what you need to work on. Remember, you cannot give what you do not have. So make sure you take care of your own mental wellbeing by practising self-care and having strong support systems.

It’s okay if you don’t get it right the first time. After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 




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