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By Anais / 16 May 2024

5 EASY HACKS FOR OVEN AND MICROWAVE CARE A clean oven is a delightful sight that makes cooking even more enjoyable. Photo Source: Kitchenaid.com

  • 5 simple tricks to keep your ovens and microwaves clean without resorting to harsh chemical products—opt for natural alternatives instead!

Ever found yourself staring at your oven and microwave, feeling a bit lost amidst the mess? 

Caught between trusting chemical cleaners or sticking to good ol’ grandma’s methods? 

Well, worry not! We’re skipping the harsh stuff and going for natural, eco-friendly alternatives. Because let’s be real, cleaning can sometimes feel like an unexpected workout session, right?

No worries! Here are 5 quick and easy tricks to keep your oven and microwave sparkling clean.


1/ Lemon Bath 

MICROWAVE Pokok.AsiaFreshen up your microwave with a citrus twist! Photo Source: Goodhousekeeping.com

Ever wondered why our grandmas swear by lemons for cleaning? It’s because lemons are like cleaning superheroes, fighting off germs with zest and love! 

And here’s one of my grandma’s secrets: she used to clean her messy oven or microwave with a lemon!

Here’s how she did it : 

Just fill a bowl with water, add a few drops of lemon juice, and toss in a lemon slice. Then, simply pop the bowl in the microwave for one to five minutes, depending on how dirty it is.

Easy, right? 


2/ Vinegar

MICROWAVE Pokok.AsiaA clean oven and microwave with the natural power of vinegar. Photo Source: Apartmenttherapy.com

For an extra cleaning boost, why not try mixing lemon and vinegar? These two are like the ultimate cleaning duo! When lemon joins forces with vinegar, they create a super powerful cleaning combo that you’ll love.

But if you want to keep it simple, vinegar alone works just fine. It’s safe, affordable, and really effective at getting surfaces super clean, tackling everything from grease to limescale.

Follow the same steps as with lemon but use vinegar instead.

Put a bowl filled with water and vinegar in your microwave or oven for 5 minutes, then wipe it down with a cloth.


3/ Baking Soda 

MICROWAVE Pokok.Asia With Baking soda, say goodbye to tough stains and odours with this versatile cleaning ally. Photo Source: Howstuffworks.com

If you don’t have the ingredients mentioned before, no problem! Baking soda and water are here to help tackle those tough microwave messes.

Just like before, mix four teaspoons of baking soda with water in a bowl and heat it up for a few minutes in your oven or microwave. Then, simply wipe it down with a sponge.

And if you’re like me and want that extra sparkle, add a bit of dish soap to the mix. It’ll give your ovens and microwaves a shiny finish with just a quick wipe!


4/ Cover-up!

MICROWAVE Pokok.AsiaThese food covers are your solution to prevent microwave mishaps. Photo Source: Ebay.com

This tip focuses on maintaining a clean microwave, and believe me, it can make a big difference. To prevent messes from building up, I highly recommend using microwave-safe covers.

We’re probably all familiar with this trick but often forget to utilise it. I’m guilty of forgetting myself, so I understand if you do too.

When heating food in the microwave, simply cover it with a microwave-safe lid or plate to prevent splatters. It’s a simple step, but it truly works wonders.

Not only does it mean less cleaning afterwards, but it also keeps your microwave looking clean for longer and ensures your food won’t get burned.


5/ Tech-Friendly Cleaning 

MICROWAVE Pokok.AsiaUpgrade time! You will get hassle-free cleaning with a new oven featuring the latest self-cleaning technology. Photo Source: Thespruce.com

For those of us who prefer an easier way to clean (no judgment here!), I’ve got another solution to help your oven shine without much effort: the oven’s self-cleaning feature.

All you need is a sleek, modern oven with the latest features. This innovative feature works wonders by using intense heat to obliterate any food residue, leaving behind just a trace of ash. 

And the best part? Once the cleaning cycle is complete, a simple wipe is all it takes to remove any remaining traces. Just remember to remove any racks or accessories before activating the self-clean cycle, and you’re all set!




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