Behold of these great pet parents who would amaze you with their extraordinary pet friends!

By Aina / 1 June 2023


No matter what animal they are, pets are still pets to the owner. That’s what love is about. Photo Source: The Conversation


  • Pet parents and their animal companion to brighten your day
  • Say hello to these cute, stunning and unique creatures that could actually be your besties!


Get ready for a pet-tactic adventure filled with laughter and surprises! When it comes to pets, our minds usually go straight to cats and dogs, right? Those adorable, fluffy creatures that warm our hearts. But hold your furballs because today, we’re breaking free from the ordinary and diving into the extraordinary world of Malaysian pet influencers and their hilarious companions.


Say goodbye to the usual suspects and get ready for a pet parade that will leave you in stitches! These pet owners have gone above and beyond to introduce us to the most unexpected and uproarious partners you could ever imagine. We’re talking about pets that will make you do a double-take and wonder if you’ve entered a parallel universe of comedic critters.


So, forget about cats and dogs for a moment because these Malaysian maestros have taken pet ownership to a whole new level. From fashion-forward hamsters strutting their stuff on tiny runways to stand-up comedian turtles cracking shell-arious jokes, you won’t believe your eyes or your funny bone!


Get ready to meet these sensational pet influencers and their sidesplittingly hilarious partners. Cats and dogs? They’ve got nothing on this crew. It’s time to buckle up and embrace the unexpected. So hold on tight and get ready for a rib-tickling journey into the world of pets like you’ve never seen before!


1/ Roborovski hamster family

IG handle: @pocketrobo


Beware of the fluffy family. Cuteness overload! Photo Source: Instagram


Introducing the adorable hamster family, Roborovski! Their cute little family photo is just the beginning of the delightful journey they’ll take you on. Each day, as you scroll through their updates, you’ll find yourself captivated by the enchanting captions that bring their stories to life. It’s like stepping into their tiny world and understanding the reasons behind their adorable antics.


Forget about Netflix and its countless shows. Who needs that when you have this lovable hamster family? They’ll provide you with more entertainment than any series could ever offer. Say goodbye to spending money on streaming services and say hello to endless fun with Roborovski!


From their playful adventures to heartwarming interactions, the hamster family will keep you hooked. Every post is a new chapter in their charming tale. Picture yourself reading their conversations and uncovering the hidden stories behind each update. It’s a daily routine that brings joy and laughter, no subscription required.


2/ CubiCubi the Hedgehog

IG handle: @cubicubi.the_hedgehog


Oh no, which one is the cute hedgehog? Photo Source: Instagram


Get ready to fall head over heels for the cutest hedgehog you’ve ever laid eyes on! Don’t let those intimidating spikes fool you (trust me, they’re harmless!). Let me introduce you to CubiCubi, the most charming and lovable hedgehog you could ever wish for.


According to his owner, CubiCubi is a bit of a shy and naughty boy, but that’s what makes him all the more endearing! Just from his daily updates, you can already see his playful side and the adorable interactions he has with his pet parent. Those mischievous moments are enough to make anyone want a pet hedgehog for themselves!


CubiCubi’s cuteness knows no bounds, I swear! Those cute little faces and feet will capture your heart in an instant. So get ready to be smitten by this adorable hedgehog sensation, because CubiCubi is here to steal the show!


3/ Has Goh, the insect mother

IG handle: @insectmother_9094


Such a stunning view. Are you sure you wanna miss out on these beautiful creatures? Photo Source: Instagram


When it comes to insects, most of us are left scratching our heads in curiosity. But fear not, my friends, because there is a way to make these little critters our companions! Allow me to introduce you to the incredible Has Goh, also known as the legendary “insect mother” on Instagram, who will show you just how amazing insect pets can be!


Forget about boring old ants, Has Goh’s Instagram is a mesmerising showcase of a whole array of insects. From spiders to scorpions, and even captivating moths, she unveils a hidden world of diversity and wonder. With dedication and passion, she spends countless hours observing and nurturing her insect companions, capturing their unique behaviours to share with her Instagram followers. Thanks to her insights, even I am gaining a newfound appreciation and knowledge of these fascinating and beautiful creatures.


But here’s the kicker! Has Goh isn’t just a social media sensation; she’s also an esteemed Exotic Animals Teaching Lab (EXOTEL) member at the prestigious Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK). Together with her team, they unveil the secrets of the insect realm to the world, revealing the astonishing wonders these creatures hold. It’s both educational and downright amusing to witness such stunning insects in action!


Unexpected and unique companions to captivate your heart

While scrolling through social media and admiring updates from our furry friends, it’s time to acknowledge that the pet influencer scene in Malaysia goes beyond cats and dogs. Brace yourself for a universe of extraordinary pets waiting to be discovered!


These pet influencers and their unconventional companions prove that love knows no bounds in the animal kingdom. From curious chinchillas to fancy ferrets, dapper ducks to delightful hedgehogs, they’re breaking the internet and winning our hearts, one adorable post at a time.


Join the adventure and prepare for cuteness overload as the furry, feathery, and scaly stars of the pet influencer world take center stage. Get ready to fall in love with these unexpected pets that defy expectations and bring joy to our screens. Let the magic unfold as you dive into a world where love knows no boundaries!


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