Tidy Home with Toddlers: Is It Possible?

Strike while the iron is hot; educate before they grow

By pokok.asia / 12 June 2021
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  • Our bundle of joys can also be a bundle of mess.
  • Some ways to keep your house clean with toddlers are having a designated play area, regularly organise, keeping toys to a minimum, work with them and quick tidying up after playtime.

Toddlers can be a handful and very messy! As a parent and a homeowner, of course, you would want your house to be spotless and the interior design as well-kept and immaculate as ever but damn! It can be hard when all your little kid wants is to throw their toys everywhere and hide food pieces in between the couches.

So, if you are a parent experiencing this, you no longer have to sit and ponder how you can keep your house clean and tidy with your toddlers around.


1. Designated play area
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Out of all the spaces you have in your home, designate one area or corner for your toddlers’ toys and books. If you have a bigger home with an extra room, you can turn it into a playroom. Apart from keeping your childrens’ belongings at bay in their own area, it can also give your child a sense of independence and responsibility; since the space is theirs, they are free to mess it up and have the responsibility to clean up after it!


2. Organise, organise, organise!
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Organising is always a good method to avoid eyesores. If your children are constantly receiving gifts of toys and books from relatives or friends, it can be quite a lot to clean up after every playtime and there is the risk of misplacing these items, especially smaller toys that will only be found once you step on it! So, a good way to ensure order is to organise your child’s belongings by category.


3. Keep the toys to a minimum
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As per the point above, it can be hard to keep toys to a minimum when toys are a constant gift from family and friends however, it’s not impossible. Children will outgrow their toys fairly easily, and these outgrown toys can be donated to charity. However, do take note that your children’s toys are still their belongings even if you bought them. So, check with them first if it’s okay to give away or resell and convince them they have more toys to play with. This will instil a sense of respect for others’ belongings in your children.


4. Work with them, not against them
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Your children may lack the vocabulary to tell you what they want, but they do have feelings and comprehension! What you want may not be what they want, thus talking to your child about the importance of keeping a tidy and clean house will register to them even if it will take some time. Children need constant reminding and nurturing, so instead of scolding them for making a mess, try and reason with them.


5. Do a quick sweep
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There is nothing wiser than to do a quick tidying up after every playtime. However, if you are a busy parent then you can always do a quick sweep every night before bed. It is not necessary to organise the toys just yet, but an efficient constant clean-up will make the house seem neat, tidy and organised by itself. Additionally, kids tend to mimic the actions of an adult hence tidying up in front of your kid will make them aware that cleaning up after playtime is a responsibility they should also partake in.

In a nutshell, it is very possible to keep a clean and tidy house with toddlers. All you need to have is a lot of patience and perseverance in honing up your children’s sense of responsibility. And hey, kids can be a handful but they do add a lot of vibrance and positivity into a home!

If you have any tips on how you handle your home with toddlers, do let us know in the comments below!

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