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By Jimmy / 5 April 2024


becomingBreaking free from generational teachings that do not align with the evolving world. Photo Source: meer

  • Before we fully understand our own beliefs, we as children absorb the lessons taught to us by our parents. Their direction shapes our initial perspective before we establish our own.

In the midst of this generational shift, it appears that we are all on a journey of self-discovery, reevaluating the lessons we have inherited from our parents.

While their teachings influenced our early beliefs, we now have the ability to rethink and question what speaks to us as we move through life.

We are severing our ties to the past and forging our own paths, fusing tradition with our changing values, thanks to the abundance of information at our fingertips and access to varied viewpoints.

Trusting our intuition, that inner voice that speaks volumes and directs us on our individual journey, is the first step toward discovering our true selves.

Let’s face it, though making our own path isn’t always simple. It entails accepting who we really are, openly and genuinely.

So, to all my fellow travellers on this path of self-discovery, remember that your journey is yours alone. Accept it, make it your own, and make the most of it. Being true to yourself is ultimately the most liberating thing there is.


Generational Shift 

becoming Pokok.AsiaThe generation is evolving uniquely, embracing significant changes. Photo Source: leopinions

The current generation has been significantly impacted by the generational shift, reshaping societal norms, values, and aspirations across all facets of life.

Each generation inherits a unique set of opportunities and challenges due to rapid developments in communication and technology, driving continuous evolution in social structures.

Embracing the journey to become oneself involves navigating this dynamic environment with flexibility, tenacity, and a commitment to authenticity.

Especially as young people today, we are at the forefront of this revolutionary wave, defining success on our terms and forging identities.

Our world is more interconnected than ever before, providing unparalleled access to information, resources, and diverse perspectives. This generational shift fosters innovation, creativity, and global citizenship, empowering individuals to challenge the status quo and shape a future that reflects their values, aspirations, and vision for a better world.


Fight For Your Dreams 

becoming Pokok.AsiaWe are limitless and will achieve everything life has to offer. Photo Source: ideas.ted

Today’s generation is redefining what it means to pursue our dreams while striving to achieve our goals.

The toughest challenge we face is the journey itself, but our generation persists in the pursuit of a brighter future!

Young people today are carving out their own paths with remarkable levels of determination and creativity, departing from previous generations who often followed predetermined career trajectories and conventional definitions of success.

Driven by passion and an entrepreneurial mindset, we are blazing our own trails rather than climbing traditional corporate hierarchies!

Our greatest allies in this digital era are technology and connectivity, empowering us to take risks and venture into uncharted territory. We are not merely chasing dreams; we are reshaping the very concept of success by challenging norms and expanding horizons.


Maintaining Relationships

becoming Pokok.AsiaStrong connections bring sparkle and growth to life’s journey. Photo Source: healthline

The journey of self-development greatly involves maintaining relationships, which profoundly shape one’s identity and character.

Through nurturing connections with others, we gain insights from various viewpoints and experiences that contribute to our personal growth.

Reflecting on the relationships in my life, I can clearly discern positive changes in my character.

These connections serve as mirrors, revealing aspects of our personalities, values, and ambitions that we may not have otherwise recognised, fostering self-awareness and personal growth.

Sustaining relationships teaches us important skills necessary for overcoming obstacles and seizing life’s opportunities, such as empathy, communication, and compromise.


Receptiveness To Guidance 

becoming Pokok.AsiaFor growth and development, consistency is key in your daily journey. Photo Source: success

Being receptive to guidance is an essential component of personal development, offering individuals a path to enrichment that differs from other aspects of life.

And today’s generation is continuously learning!

It entails being open to absorbing lessons from mentors, role models, and life experiences to cultivate receptivity to fresh perspectives and information.

Through this openness, individuals can discover new opportunities that have the potential to completely alter their trajectory.

This willingness to acknowledge that wisdom exists beyond one’s own understanding also fosters humility.

It also fosters an attitude of ongoing improvement, viewing obstacles as chances for progress rather than obstacles to be overcome. By accepting advice, people broaden their perspectives, improve skills, and move closer to realising their greatest potential because of the combined knowledge of those who have gone before them.


Personal Power 

becoming Pokok.AsiaHarness your power and show what you’re made of. Photo Source: linkedin

Personal power is instrumental in self-development, as it empowers individuals to take control of their destinies and unlock their full potential.

Even amid adversity, our inner strength and conviction propel us forward!

Harnessing personal power involves leveraging our innate qualities, talents, and values as drivers of change and progress.

It’s about accepting responsibility for our decisions and deeds and refusing to let constraints or outside events define us. Through personal power, individuals cultivate resilience, perseverance, and confidence, enabling them to overcome challenges and seize opportunities with unwavering determination.

Ultimately, embracing personal power entails living authentically, aligning our lives with our true selves rather than simply pursuing success.

Through the cultivation of personal power, individuals become the architects of their own destinies, charting a path towards self-fulfilment and actualisation.


Becoming Him/Her


Let me just tell you about how I became him!

Nothing is ever a coincidence and I like to believe that all the lessons I learnt led me to where I am. I became THAT GUY because of people around me and it so happens that faith was one of my biggest drivers on this journey. I wouldn’t say I was looking to become him but it just fell on my lap. 

The more I was faithful, the more confident I became and nothing could ever take my power away and tell me otherwise. We are constantly fighting for our lives, to be seen, and to be heard. 

My path just led me to believing in my dreams, to knowing that something bigger and better is on the way. I wake up knowing that I will walk into spaces and shake rooms, break multiple chains because I am my biggest supporter.

Give it a try! are you turning the page and becoming him/her? 



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