A Perfect Worn-Out-to-Wow Guide

By Yuena / 12 January 2024

shabby chic Feminine vibe and rustic charm. Photo Source: iStock

  • Embrace the flaws in your home and turn it into a perfect shabby chic bliss.

Just like humans, none of us is perfect, but we are definitely beautiful in our own way. That’s the same with shabby chic! This interior design is also perfect when you love and embrace the idea of perfect imperfections. The shabby chic aesthetic is character-rich and effortlessly stylish, akin to comfy, worn-in jeans of home décor. Shabby chic combines the allure of retro aesthetics with a cosier7, more relaxed vibe ideal for contemporary living.

I’m drawn to the shabby chic home style because it resonates with the charm of a cottage home. Living in the countryside and dwelling in a tiny but snug cottage has always been a dream of mine—perhaps a story for another time.

Now, how do we achieve this shabby chic style in our home?

1/ Dollhouse-Like Pastel Home

shabby chic Pokok.AsiaSoftest colour for the prettiest home. Photo Source: Pinterest

The first rule to incorporate shabby chic into your home is the colour palette. Shabby chic is known for its style that utilises a softer colour palette, ranging from creamy white to pale pastels. Everything, from walls to pieces of furniture, radiates a pastel charm—like living in a dollhouse!

Using a pastel hue such as soft pink, gentle blue, or subtle yellow can promptly evoke a feminine ambience in any room while also adding a touch of brightness to the space, explaining why this home style is primarily popular among women.

In addition to imparting a feminine vibe, soft colours are employed to make any room in the house appear more spacious and open to the eyes. If you want to incorporate darker tones, limit it to a smaller dose just to provide contrast within the colour schemes.

Some shabby chic homeowners also opt for wallpaper prints on their walls. Typical designs used for these wallpapers include florals and baroque-inspired prints, as they align with the shabby chic style.

2/ Pick A Worn-Out Looking Antique Furniture

shabby chic Pokok.AsiaOld charm, gold home. Photo Source: Pinterest

Another essential characteristic of the shabby chic style involves incorporating vintage or vintage-inspired furniture elements throughout your living space. The furniture doesn’t have to belong to a specific time period; it just needs to exude that vintage vibe. And the older it is, the better.

The distressed, worn-out look of an old vintage piece is what we aim for in the shabby chic style. This worn-out appearance gives off a down-to-earth feel, and the imperfections, like a chipped edge or a slightly off-coloured door, are all part of the charm.

If you want to get creative, you can take a shopping trip to the thrift store, pick the perfect furniture piece for your home, and repaint it according to your home’s color scheme. However, if you’re on the hunt for antique items, just make sure they’re sturdy and can withstand wear and tear over time. We don’t want furniture that might collapse and cost you more money to replace.

Another enjoyable aspect of this shabby chic look is that it allows you to mix and match your furniture according to your preference. Unlike other interior styles that require standardised and similar furniture, you can choose any furniture you like and decorate your home with it, as long as it fits the shabby chic style.

3/ Florals And All The Pretty Things!

shabby chic Pokok.AsiaBlooming a pretty little vintage home. Photo Source: Pinterest

Shabby chic vibes often bring a touch of country charm, and you’ll find plenty of natural elements in the mix. Flowers, in particular, are like the rock stars of shabby chic: appearing in fresh bouquets and pretty floral prints on everything from curtains to blankets, pillows, or bedding.

Apart from floral charms, shabby chic is also about filling your space with accessories. Opt for cool accessories like unique, vintage-looking items with that worn-out charm. Think wall hangings, cool antique photo vases, mirrors with those old-school carvings – items that emit an old and antique vibe. And don’t forget to spice up the walls with some decorative jars or ancient plates to really enhance that design style in the room.

Since the shabby chic style leans towards a more feminine vibe, we can also decorate our home with accessories, big or small, with lots of cute stuff, like trinket boxes, mirrored trays, or vases with flowers to amplify that dreamy, romantic vibe that shabby chic is all about.

Just like cottage-core, shabby chic is a design that is quite maximal. The more, the merrier! So, if you cannot decide what to decorate your home with, why not pick all?

4/ Sew-per Soft Linen

shabby chic Pokok.AsiaWeaving a threadful, shabby destiny. Photo Source: Pinterest

Adding a white drape to your shabby chic space will not only make it look more elegant but will also enhance its overall appeal. Opting for a smooth, wrinkle-free fabric takes the vibe up a notch, establishing a perfect blend between the laid-back feel and a sense of elegance that absolutely works.

When it comes to fabrics for this style, it’s all about cotton and linen, with linen being the go-to choice. Whether it’s tablecloths, curtains, pillowcases, or sofas, each piece will feature the linen material.

Linen has a simple elegance that pairs perfectly with the worn and rustic touches that define shabby chic. Adopting linen as a design motif throughout a space helps create a unified and tasteful aesthetic by harmonizing the numerous design elements.

Making The Distressed Looks Aww-Dorable

Exploring the world of shabby chic furniture and decor is like learning to see the value in imperfections, just as it is like learning to value the individuality of each of us. 

This style, analogous to the comfort of well-worn jeans, flawlessly merges classic looks with contemporary warmth. Decorate your home any way you like with the shabby chic aesthetic, which embraces anything from pastel colours suggestive of a dollhouse to the appeal of worn-out vintage furniture. 

This maximalist style urges you to adorn your room to the brim with florals, rustic charm, and the soft elegance of linen in order to create a dreamy, romantic ambience.

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