We aren’t just another home and living portal. It’s not just about furniture and decor, though this is mentioned. We talk about anything and everything that happens in your safe space, because that is what your home should be.

Pokok.Asia covers it all, and like a tree, we bring to life to everything around us.

Our mission is to complete your home experience, going beyond the four walls, and enhancing your living experience. Your life quality begins at home - and we want the best for you and your loved ones.

What do we want? I’m glad you asked. We want to be the most kick-ass home and living portal in Asia. That is our vision.

The Growth of Pokok.Asia

Just like any other tree, Pokok.Asia began as a seedling. With proper care and nourishment, Pokok.Asia has been cultivated into a tree that symbolises support, shelter, and ever-evolving growth.

Pokok.Asia seeks to nurture you the same way, enriching your ‘home’ and ‘living’ as you grow with us.

Every one of our branches is dedicated to making your home a safe space...

Every one of our branches is dedicated to making your home a safe space for your optimal mental and physical being, while simultaneously inspiring your life with the stories we have to share.


“Living and Growing”

Think of us as a tree in a sparse forest, providing you shelter and support.

More than that, we are your companion as you embark on a journey from one home to the next, from the interior designing of your space to everything else in between as you continue building both your home and life.

From the latest hotspots like bars, cafes and hotels to exclusive up-close and personal interviews with personnels in the comforts of their own home, every space and everyone has a unique story to tell.

It’s not all sofas and shelves and dining. We are going in deep, looking at the different areas which can make or break a home. There is a lot that happens in a home. Love, joy, sadness, heartbreak, life, death. No one thing makes a home, its a combination of many factors, And we will be telling stories about all of them.

At Pokok.Asia, we live and grow, together.