The Top Fridge Picks for Every Style and Need

By Naim Aiman / 3 May 2024

5 best fridges to transform your kitchen in 2024“Happiness is a full refrigerator.” – Jim Gaffigan. Source: Homes & Gardens

  • Forget boring fridges! Discover the top 5 best fridges of 2024 – from tech marvels and family favourites to space-saving retro gems. Find your perfect kitchen match!

Upgrade your kitchen game with the latest in fridge technology! While the kitchen is the heart of the home, a modern and innovative fridge can truly elevate your cooking and dining experience.

Instead of settling for plain and basic fridges, explore a world of innovative options designed to enhance your kitchen experience. 

Whether you’re a tech-savvy foodie or a busy family looking for convenience, there’s a perfect fridge waiting to elevate your culinary journey. Discover the top contenders in fridge innovation for 2024!


1/ Samsung 3 Door Smart Fridge

BEST FRIDGES Pokok.AsiaMinimalist design, maximum functionality – a fridge that’s a statement piece for the modern chef. Source: Best Buy 

Ever raided the fridge for a snack, only to realise you’re missing a key ingredient? The Samsung 3-Door Smart Fridge feels your pain!

This fridge boasts a built-in Family Hub touchscreen, essentially a command center for your groceries and beyond. Need a recipe on the fly? Browse the web right there. Running low on milk? Leave a note for your family. Plus, with built-in cameras, you can peek inside the fridge remotely using your phone – no more mystery meat surprises!

Of course, with all this fancy technology, there are a few things to consider. The Family Hub might be a bit overwhelming for folks who just want a simple fridge. The bottom drawer’s design can also make cleaning a bit tricky. And the ice maker, while convenient, can be a bit bulky and take up some precious fridge space.

This fridge is definitely a dream come true for tech-loving families who want a fridge that does more than just keep things cold.


2/ Frigidaire Gallery Fridge

BEST FRIDGES Pokok.AsiaGoodbye wilted greens, hello crisp perfection. Source: Town Appliance 

So, the Samsung 3 Door Smart Fridge is all about cutting-edge tech, perfect for families who love their gadgets. But what if you’re more concerned about keeping things organised and fresh? The Frigidaire Gallery Fridge might be your new best friend.

This fridge boasts a spacious interior with an ingenious SpaceWise® Organization System. Think adjustable shelves, bins, and drawers that can be customised to fit all your groceries, no matter how much you stock up. Plus, the EvenTemp Cooling system keeps things consistently cool throughout the fridge, so say goodbye to freezer burn on your perfectly crisp vegetables.

But wait, there’s more! The Frigidaire Gallery also features auto-close doors. That means no more worries about leaving the fridge ajar. These doors ensure a tight seal every single time, giving you peace of mind and keeping your food fresh.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, like most things in life, the Frigidaire Gallery has a couple of things to consider. The upfront cost might be a bit higher compared to some other models. And some users have reported it can be a bit noisy when it’s running.

Overall, this fridge is a great choice for busy families who are tired of fridge Tetris and want a well-organised, spacious, and user-friendly appliance.


3/ LG Side-by-Side Fridge

BEST FRIDGES Pokok.AsiaStainless steel gleam, clean lines, a fridge that reflects the modern kitchen dream. Source: BURO Malaysia 

Craving a sleek and modern look for your kitchen? The LG Side-by-Side Fridge might just be your fridge soulmate. This beauty boasts a stunning design that complements any modern kitchen, but the functionality doesn’t stop there.

The innovative InstaView Door-in-Door™ feature is a game-changer. Forget rummaging through the entire fridge for a quick drink – a simple knock on the InstaView panel lets you peek inside without letting out all that precious cold air. It’s like having a tiny window to your fridge world!

Plus, LG’s ThinQ app connectivity allows you to control your fridge remotely. Fancy adjusting the temperature or checking the ice dispenser level from your phone? No problem! Reviewers consistently rave about LG’s design and features, making it a popular choice for style-conscious homeowners.

However, even the most stunning fridges have a few quirks. The LG might not be the most energy-efficient option on the market, and the price tag can be a bit steeper compared to some models. Additionally, the side-by-side layout might not be ideal for everyone, especially those with limited kitchen space.


4/ SMEG 50s Fridge

BEST FRIDGES Pokok.AsiaA touch of vintage charm for a kitchen with a story to tell. Source: Smeg 

Looking to add a pop of personality to your kitchen? The SMEG 50s Fridge injects a dose of retro charm without sacrificing functionality. This compact fridge is perfect for smaller kitchens or flats, offering enough storage for most people’s needs. Plus, the No Frost technology prevents ice buildup and eliminates the need for manual defrosting, saving you time and effort.

But wait, there’s more! This little gem even comes with a built-in wine rack, catering to the discerning connoisseur.

While I love that retro aesthetic too, it’s important to consider a few things before you fall head-over-heels for the SMEG’s vintage vibes. While it boasts energy efficiency, it might not be the most efficient model on the market. Careful installation is crucial due to its weight.

Additionally, while it works well in smaller spaces, it wasn’t specifically designed for them, so be sure to measure carefully.

Wouldn’t want a fridge that doesn’t fit through the doorway, would we?


5/ Maytag French Door Fridge

BEST FRIDGES Pokok.AsiaDependable like family, spacious like a hug. Source: Maytag 

Sometimes, all you need is a reliable fridge that gets the job done without breaking the bank. The Maytag French Door Fridge steps up to the plate as a champion of value.

This fridge prioritises core functionalities while offering a clean and modern aesthetic with its fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish.

Adjustable shelves and a temperature-controlled drawer allow you to customise your fridge to fit your needs, whether you’re storing a week’s worth of groceries or a party platter. Plus, Maytag backs this fridge with a strong 10-year warranty on the compressor, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

While the Frigidaire prioritises organisation, the Maytag French Door Fridge focuses on value. It’s important to note that with this focus, some features may be slightly less convenient. The digital controls might require a little getting used to, and the freezer compartments aren’t adjustable like some of the other models on this list.

Overall, this fridge is a great choice for budget-conscious buyers who prioritise reliability and functionality.


Finding the Perfect Fridge for You

With so many fantastic options available, choosing the right fridge can feel overwhelming. 

But by considering your needs, budget, and kitchen layout, you can narrow down your search and find the perfect fridge to elevate your kitchen experience for years to come.

Remember, the best fridge is the one that perfectly complements your lifestyle and needs. 

So, whether you’re a techie foodie, a busy family on the go, or someone who values reliability above all else, there’s a perfect fridge waiting to be discovered!




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