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By Dhanyaa / 31 January 2024

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  • Discover easy ways that will transform your space into a positive aura and joyful retreat.

After a long day of work, coming home should feel good, like a cosy place that helps you relax. But if entering your home makes you frustrated or angry, it might be a sign that you need to clear out the bad energies in your home. 

The energy in our homes is influenced by different things, especially our feelings. Whether we’re happy or upset, our homes soak up those emotions, affecting the overall atmosphere. If we don’t clean out the negative energy every now and then, it can stick around and affect how we feel.

Think of it like the yin and yang, where there’s bad energy, there’s also a chance for good energy. Making your home a positive place is important for feeling happy and good overall. This means understanding how energy and good feelings work together to not just make your place look nice but also feel positive.

In this guide, we’ll talk about simple and easy ways to clear out bad energy from your home and raise your vibrations. The goal is to create a space that not only looks nice but also gives off good feelings, making you feel happy, relaxed, and peaceful.

A aura of pleasent energy in your home!


  1. Burn Incense and Herbs

aura Pokok.AsiaA symphony of aromas. Photo Source: Lovemoney

Burning incense is my absolute favourite thing – I’d even go as far as saying I’m obsessed. Back at home, I’ve got this container filled with all sorts of incense, each offering a different delightful scent.

It might seem a bit old-school, but trust me, burning incense and herbs works like magic to bless your space and kick out any lingering bad energy. That smoky smell isn’t just about making your home smell nice, it’s like a refresh button for the energy, making everything feel brand new and positive.

Now, if you’re like my sister and can’t stand the smoke from incense sticks, no worries! I’ve got some alternative suggestions for you down below in this article. 

Make it a regular thing, and your home will always have this amazing, calm vibe. 


  1. Declutter

aura Pokok.AsiaClear space, clear mind. Photo Source: The spruce

Clearing out stuff is likely the last thing you want to do when you’re in a bad mood.

But here’s the thing – do it anyway. Starting might not be a piece of cake, but once you get into it, you’ll feel much lighter and less stressed. 

Our homes often reflect what’s going on in our minds. When your mind feels cluttered, your house tends to look the same. And let’s face it, when your mind is tired and messy, who has the energy to care about how the home looks? Been there, done that.

When you get rid of things you don’t need or use, it’s like making space for more positive energy. And you know what? It becomes way easier to focus, and suddenly your space feels open and inviting.

It’s a simple step, but it makes a big difference in making your place feel refreshed and positive.


  1. Let Fresh Air and Natural Light In

aura Pokok.AsiaRenew, refresh, revive. Photo Source: BIARROW

​​Who doesn’t love a sun-kissed moment?

Open up those windows wide in all corners of your home, draw those curtains, and let Mother Nature do its natural cleanse, bringing in positive vibes.

This simple act does more than clear out any stale or heavy energy; it makes your home feel light and fresh.

And let’s talk about natural light. When the sun shines through your windows, it creates a bright and positive atmosphere. It’s like nature’s way of bringing clarity and good vibes into your living space.

It’s an easy and effective way to keep your home feeling clear, positive, and ready to lift your spirits. 


  1. Light Up Candles

aura Pokok.AsiaCandlelit serenity. Photo Source: India.com

Well, if you’re still with me in this article, there you have it—the alternative to burning incense.

Go for scented candles, all the way. They’re smokeless, and they smell great!

Scented candles not only make your home smell nice but also bring a warm feeling to your space, creating your own little retreat.

Ever tried something called candlelight meditation? It’s when you focus on the soft glow of the candles to calm your mind and boost your energy.

So, what are you waiting for? Light those candles and let the cosy vibes begin.


  1. Plants and Fresh Flowers

aura Pokok.AsiaNature’s elegance indoors. Photo Source: The Spruce 

Bringing a touch of nature into your home is undeniably a good way to infuse positive energy.

Personally, I love the whole process of going out to get flowers and then carefully arranging them in a vase. Just this activity alone instantly puts me in a good mood.

For those not keen on constantly buying flowers, an excellent alternative is potted houseplants. They not only look good but also add a refreshing vibe to your space. What’s more, taking care of them can be a fun and rewarding hobby.

This simple yet powerful way can elevate your vibrations and create a more positive energy. 

So, whether it’s flowers or houseplants, bringing a bit of nature indoors is a good way to enhance the positivity in your living space.


  1. Listen to High Vibe Music

aura Pokok.Asia​​Melodies of positivity. Photo Source: Freepik 

Are you someone who loves listening to music? 

If so, this won’t even feel like something you’re forced to do.

Try listening to high-vibe music to raise your vibrations. It can significantly boost your mood and overall well-being. 

Choose uplifting tunes that make you happy, whether it’s feel-good pop or soothing classical music. You can create playlists for different parts of your day – energising tunes for mornings, and calming melodies for evenings.

You can even explore healing frequencies like 432 Hz, believed to have a calming effect, especially during meditation.

Let this music guide you into a positive mindset and help you relax. 


  1. Himalayan Salt Lamps

aura Pokok.AsiaGlowing serenity. Photo Source: Moretti

This uniquely beautiful lamp is more than just a pretty addition to your home—it does good things for your space.

Helping to clean the air by getting rid of bad stuff in the atmosphere, these lamps are like natural air fresheners that also look awesome.

Not only do they make the air better, but they also give off a soft, warm light that creates a cosy atmosphere in a room.

To spread the good vibes, place them in places where you hang out a lot, like your living room or bedroom.


  1. Diffuse Essential Oils

aura Pokok.AsiaA breath of relaxation. Photo Source: Goop

Here’s another alternative to burning incense.

Essential oils! 

Yes, you heard that right! Essential oils are an easy way to make your place feel relaxed and peaceful.

Essential oils like lemon, lavender, and ylang-ylang act like nature’s chill pills. 

When you diffuse them, they spread a nice smell that not only makes your home fresh but also helps you feel calm.

These scents aren’t just about making things smell good, they can make you feel better. Some scents, like lavender, are even known to lower blood pressure and calm the mind.

If you’re into meditation, consider using these oils to set a chill mood. The calming scents can make your meditation sessions even more zen.


  1. Quartz Crystals and Drusen

aura Pokok.AsiaVibrant energy boost. Photo Source: Shufu

If Himalayan Salt lamps aren’t your go-to, worry not! 

There are quartz crystals and Drusen that would do the job too. 

Incorporate these crystals into your space to create a positive environment radiating good energy. For an extra vibrant and uplifting touch, consider adding drusen stones to the mix.

These beautiful quartz crystals have a reputation for aiding concentration and mindfulness. Keeping them around, especially during activities like meditation, can boost your ability to stay focused and present.

To spread their positive influence, strategically place these crystals in key areas of your home. 

And if you’re seeking a splash of colour and energy, drusen stones are a fantastic choice. Their vibrant appearance can bring a lively and uplifting touch to your surroundings, making your space not only serene but also full of positive vibes.


  1. Get a Singing Bowl

aura Pokok.AsiaHarmony in sound. Photo Source: Shape

​​Last but not least, let me introduce you to the singing bowl for a mindful and powerful mindset. 

And no, it’s not a musical instrument, it’s a tranquillity tool!

Let the calming tones of this tranquil tool guide you into a reflective state, enhancing your focus and promoting relaxation, especially during meditation.

When you use it, the gentle, resonating sounds create a peaceful atmosphere that helps calm your mind.

It’s a simple way to bring a bit of serenity into your daily life.


Small Changes but Big Impacts in your aura 

So, dear readers, we have reached the end of our article. 

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful in cleansing your home’s energy and boosting your vibrations. 

It’s all part of a transformative journey to infuse positivity and joy into your living space.

By adopting these straightforward yet effective practices, you have the power to create a home that not only radiates beauty but also exudes the positive energy you desire. 

So, embrace these changes, and witness the remarkable transformation as your home evolves into a sanctuary of peace and happiness.



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